Boko Haram massacre: Satellite images uncover Nigerian city of Baga ‘wiped off …

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Jan 15, 2015 14:15:54

Satellite picture of razed structures in Doro Baga village

Infrared satellite picture of a Nigerian encampment Doron Baga, with healthy foliage secretly phony in red, display roughly all structure in a encampment razed, as taken on Jan 7, 2015. (DigitalGlobe)

The International Committee of a Red Cross has warned of a flourishing charitable predicament in Nigeria and beside Niger as tens of thousands of refugees rush lethal Boko Haram attacks.

It is still not famous how many people died in final week’s suspected electrocute in Baga, a city on a shores of Lake Chad in north-east Nigeria, however some reports suggested thousands of people might have been killed.

Amnesty International pronounced hundreds of people, if not more, were suspicion to have been killed in a attack, that began on Jan 3 and targeted municipal vigilantes assisting a military.

Amnesty also published satellite images of Baga and Doron Baga, only over 2 kilometres away, that it pronounced showed a scale of a attack, adding a towns had been “wiped off a map”.

Aerial shots of a dual towns, that had been strike formerly by fighting, were shown a day before Boko Haram changed in and a second picture taken 4 days later, display homes and businesses razed.

“These minute images uncover extinction of inauspicious proportions in dual towns, one of that was roughly wiped off a map in a space of 4 days,” a group’s Nigeria researcher Daniel Eyre said.

More than 3,700 structures were shop-worn or totally destroyed: 620 in Baga and some-more than 3,100 in Doron Baga, Amnesty said.

The organization combined that a series could be higher.

Local officials have pronounced Baga and during slightest 16 surrounding settlements were burnt to a belligerent and during slightest 20,000 people fled.

Medical gift Doctors Without Borders pronounced a organisation in a Borno state collateral Maiduguri had supposing assistance to 5,000 survivors of a attack.

The United Nations interloper organisation pronounced some-more than 11,300 Nigerian refugees had fled into beside Chad.

satellite picture of Nigerian encampment Doro Baga

Infrared satellite imagery of Doron Baga 5 days earlier, display homes and other buildings intact. (DigitalGlobe)

Mr Eyre pronounced a witnesses and images reinforced a perspective that a dispute was Boko Haram’s “largest and many destructive” in a quarrel to settle a hardline Islamic state in north-east Nigeria.

“The counsel murdering of civilians and drop of their skill by Boko Haram are fight crimes and crimes opposite humanity, and contingency be duly investigated,” he pronounced in a statement.

About 300 women were pronounced to have been dull adult and incarcerated during a school, witnesses told Amnesty, adding that comparison women, mothers and children were expelled after 4 days though younger women kept.

The Baga dispute came before presidential and parliamentary elections in Nigeria subsequent month, with a torrent in attack apparently designed to criticise a legitimacy of a vote.

On Saturday, 19 people were killed when explosives strapped to a lady pronounced to be as immature as 10 detonated during a swarming marketplace in Maiduguri.

Four people were killed when dual other immature womanlike self-murder bombers strike another marketplace in a blurb collateral of beside Yobe.

The Red Cross (ICRC) is also endangered about a flourishing conflict.

Loukas Petridis, conduct of a ICRC goal in Niger, pronounced in a statement: “Many were injured, many others were ill and still others had mislaid hit with their families.

“Most have been directly influenced by a attack and have mislaid their skill and their livelihoods.”

The UN pronounced that given 2013, about 115,000 people had fled Nigeria, where Boko Haram had waged an increasingly bloody rebellion given 2009.

Boko Haram ‘killed lady in labour’ during attack: Amnesty

Amnesty pronounced Boko Haram fighters had killed a lady as she was in labour, during what was feared to be a deadliest dispute in a militants’ six-year insurgency.

The tellurian rights organisation pronounced one declare to a attack on Baga told them a lady was shot by unenlightened glow that also killed tiny children.

“Half of a baby child [was] out and she died like this,” a unnamed declare said.

“They killed so many people. we saw maybe around 100 killed during that time in Baga,” a male aged in his 50s said.

“I ran to a bush. As we were running, they were sharpened and killing.”

Another lady said: “I don’t know how many, though there were bodies everywhere we looked.”

The testimony corroborated claims from internal officials that outrageous numbers were killed.

Other witnesses pronounced they had seen decomposing bodies littering a streets.

One man, who transient from Baga after stealing for 3 days, pronounced he was “stepping on bodies” for 5 kilometres as he fled by a bush.

Security analysts pronounced it might be unfit to know accurately how many were killed, with a city and surrounding area still underneath insurgent control.








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