Black Madam: Motto was ‘I wish to help’

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IN A CALM though infrequently shaken voice, Padge-Victoria Windslowe, who goes by a theatre name “Black Madam,” told a Philadelphia Common Pleas jury yesterday that she injected people’s butts with silicone to make them feel some-more beautiful, and dictated no ill will or harm.

“My sign was ‘I wish to help,’ ” she said, adding that people called her “their angel godmother.”

Windslowe, 45, who was innate a masculine named Forrest Leon Gordon, pronounced she had a sex-change operation in 1994. A year later, she began doing silicone boundary injections on friends and on people in a transgender village to make “the masculine buttock some-more female,” she said.

Then her business started to grow. Asked by her attorney, David Rudenstein, since non-transgender people wanted bigger butts, Windslowe said: “They were tellurian and they still had self-respect problems and a lot of people felt it done them some-more womanly, shapely.”

A British dancer, Claudia Aderotimi, 20, died shortly after a second turn of silicone boundary injections.

“When we found out that Claudia died, it was a many terrible day of my life,” Windslowe told a jury. “When you’re being hold accountable for someone’s death, it’s terrible and wretched. . . . we retreated.”

Asked if she went “into hiding,” Windslowe pronounced no.

She pronounced she went to her sister’s residence in Bear, Del., after Aderotimi died on Feb. 8, 2011. “I couldn’t nap and it was really, unequivocally bad. Claudia was a unequivocally good lady and we didn’t wish anything bad to happen,” Windslowe testified, apropos emotional.

Windslowe faces third-degree-murder and associated charges in a genocide of Aderotimi, a British citizen. She also is charged with aggravated attack in propinquity to injuries allegedly suffered by Sherkeeia King, afterwards 23, as a outcome of being injected by Windslowe during a “pumping party” in Feb 2012 in East Germantown.

Windslowe pronounced that after she injected Aderotimi during a Hampton Inn nearby Philadelphia International Airport on Feb. 7, 2011, Aderotimi told her she had imbibed Four Loko, an alcoholic splash with caffeine. She pronounced she had formerly told Aderotimi that celebration ethanol previously was a no-no.

Aderotimi was coughing though did not seem to be in distress, Windslowe said, so she suggested Aderotimi to go to a sanatorium if it got serious.

Aderotimi had been referred to Windslowe by a then-New Jersey lady named Scheffee Wilson, who was also in a hotel when Aderotimi was injected.

Windslowe pronounced she schooled a subsequent morning from Wilson that Aderotimi had died.

Delaware County Medical Examiner Fredric Hellman testified Wednesday that Aderotimi, who had been taken by ambulance from a hotel to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Delaware County, had died of a pulmonary embolism from silicone boundary injections.

Windslowe, who does not have a permit to use medicine, pronounced she perceived training from a helper in New York City. She pronounced she never told people that she was a nurse, though “I always pronounced we was lerned by a nurse.”

She also pronounced she had worked with a alloy in Thailand. And she pronounced a Montgomery County doctor, James Taterka, with whom she’d had a three-month event in 1993 and whom she contacted from time to time, taught her how to aspirate needles and gave her needles and syringes.

Taterka, who testified Tuesday, pronounced he never showed her how to use a syringe and gave her no medical products.

Windslowe testified that what she injected into people’s butts was a “low-grade” silicone reduction called “hydrogel” that she combined by emulsifying a Dow Corning silicone glass with salty solution. “It’s not medical-grade, though it’s non-toxic,” she said. “I know that, since it’s in me.”

She pronounced she has gotten a low-grade silicone glass injected into herself, and has also injected herself with it.

“That’s a usually form we put in me to get my money’s worth,” she said, indicating that with other products she didn’t get a encouragement formula she wanted.

Windslowe was dressed in black on a declare mount – blouse, pants, fit jacket, heels and coat. She wore a white-beaded necklace with a white cross.

But during a start of a day, before a jury was brought in, she entered a courtroom wearing an orange-sherbet ruffled, low-neck shirt that showed her cleavage, with relating parsimonious pants.

Windslowe told Rudenstein that she had done a outfit while in jail for some-more than dual years. When Assistant District Attorney Carlos Vega came into a courtroom and looked during her outfit, Windslowe smiled and said: “I done it, Carlos.”

After Judge Rose Marie DeFino-Nastasi took a bench, a attorneys had a sidebar discussion with a judge. Then Rudenstein pronounced to Windslowe, “It’s a really flattering outfit. The customary isn’t pretty, it’s appropriate.”

He told her to get changed.

After a brief break, Windslowe returned to a courtroom in a more-conservative outfit. She continues her approach testimony today, after that she will face interrogate by prosecutors.

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