Blac Chyna Criticizes Rob Kardashian: It’s ‘Bizarre’ He Isn’t Focused on ‘His Fitness’

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Too most to keep adult with? Blac Chyna warns Rob Kardashian about swelling himself too skinny on Rob Chyna‘s Sunday, Oct 9, episode, as seen in Us Weekly‘s disdainful hide peek.

The E! series’ preview shave shows Kardashian, 29, revelation his profound fiancée, 28, that he and a crony have finalized a understanding to start a new business venture. However, Chyna — who is awaiting a couple’s initial child, a baby girl, after this year — has her concerns.

“If we feel like you’re being rushed into it, we feel like we should wait,” she cautions. The Arthur George sock engineer replies, “I mean, it’s something that we’ve been formulation to do for a prolonged time.”

The makeup maven is still unconvinced that her man’s priorities are in order. “I only don’t wish we to put all this things on yourself, and afterwards we only be over it,” she tells him.

Chyna adds to a camera, “Rob needs to continue operative on his health, his fitness, his sock business. And so for him to try to go get a large mint residence and to start a new business is a small bit weird to me.”

A formerly expelled shave from a part showed a pair’s disproportion of opinion over whether a indication should pierce out of a home she now shares with roommate Paige, as Kardashian wants to buy them a new headquarters in that he feels some-more comfortable.

Watch a moving footage above. 

Rob Chyna airs on E! Sundays during 9 p.m. ET. 

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