Bird influenza suspected in second Washington flock

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Don Jenkins

Capital Press

Bird influenza has apparently putrescent a second backyard group in a Tri-Cities area of south-central Washington, according to a Washington State Department of Agriculture.

The second group was unprotected to a rarely pathogenic H5N2 pathogen by domestic ducks eliminated from a initial putrescent flock, WSDA said.

The 100 birds in a initial group — a collection of ducks, chickens and turkeys — were euthanized Monday. The 500 birds in a second group will be euthanized today, WSDA orator Hector Castro said.

Bird influenza has not been reliable in a second flock, though birds are failing during an surprising rate, he said. “All a signs are this group was infected,” Castro said.

The ducks were changed between a flocks, that are about 9 miles apart, around Christmas, before bird influenza was rescued around New Year’s Eve in a initial flock, Castro said.

The group owners know any other and sell birds, he said.

WSDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture officials have set adult notice zones within about 6 miles of a dual flocks. Officials designed to demeanour for other signs of bird influenza cases.

Castro pronounced backyard flocks are common in a area.

Officials think a initial group was putrescent by roving waterfowl. A furious steep and serf gyrfalcon that was fed furious steep were putrescent by rarely pathogenic avian influenza in December.

Also in December, a 100-bird backyard group in Winston in southern Oregon on skill with a pool and mire was putrescent with rarely pathogenic avian influenza.

Bird influenza has not been rescued in U.S. blurb poultry, though a infections in backyard flocks has cost a United States a nomination as a nation giveaway of rarely pathogenic bird flu. Several countries have limited U.S. ornithology imports.

Some 17 countries reacted Jan. 5 to a conflict in a Washington backyard group with new import restrictions on U.S. ornithology beef and other ornithology products.

Only Sri Lanka criminialized all U.S. poultry, fasten several nations that imposed such bans after rarely pathogenic bird influenza was rescued in Whatcom County, Wash., and Douglas County, Ore. The USDA has criticized bans on all U.S. ornithology as unwarranted.

Most nations Jan. 5 focused their bans on Washington and Oregon. They embody Nicaragua, Uruguay, Guatemala, Cuba, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Belarus.

Hong Kong limited imports from Benton County, Wash. It had formerly criminialized imports from Douglas County, Ore.

Avian influenza has been found in 11 blurb ornithology operations and one backyard group in British Columbia, Canada.

Highly pathogenic bird influenza had never been rescued before in Washington or Oregon and hadn’t been seen in a United States for a decade.

Backyard group owners will be compensated for euthanized birds by a USDA program.

WSDA officials contend that a biggest risk for bird influenza swelling is from roving waterfowl entrance in hit with domestic birds. Officials suggested group owners to keep their birds divided from furious birds.

To news ill or passed domestic birds to a WSDA, call 1-800-606-3056.




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