Bill Simmons rips into ESPN radio’s ‘Mike and Mike Show’ on Twitter

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Bill Simmons declares Twitter fight on 'Mike  Mike Show' hosts Mike Golic and Mike Greenburg.Amy Sussman
Bill Simmons declares Twitter fight on ‘Mike Mike Show’ hosts Mike Golic and Mike Greenburg.

ESPN has another Bill Simmons predicament on a hands after a Grantland editor pounded network colleagues Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg in a mad Twitter rant.

Fresh off a three-week cessation for ripping into NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Simmons let lax opposite a “Mike Mike Show” hosts on Thursday, job them “garbage” for criticizing comments he done about LeBron James a prior day.

Golic and Greenberg mocked Simmons for suggesting to associate ESPN radio horde Colin Cowherd that James’ early-season struggles with a Cavaliers resemble a ones Albert Pujols went by when he assimilated a Angels in 2012, that is generally deliberate a time he ceased being an chosen MLB player.

“I consider it’s one of a many absurd statements I’ve listened 4 games into a deteriorate in my life in any sport,” Golic said.

“That’s what I’ll contend about Bill Simmons. So, we know, he grabbed a headline, that is something we know he loves — and that’s one of a many absurd lines I’ve ever listened in any competition in my life. Four games into a season. we don’t even … that’s ridiculous.”

Simmons responded with furuy on Twitter, blustering a duo’s “pathetic” try to “pull an talk out of context.”

“What Mike and Mike did currently was comprehensive garbage. we would contend we mislaid honour for that show, though we never had it,” Simmons wrote in a initial of several heated tweets.

“For an ESPN Radio uncover to lift an talk out of context from another ESPN Radio show, afterwards play a dignified management card, is disgusting.”

Simmons afterwards went for a knockout blow.

Mike Greenberg (l.) and Mike Golic get on Bill Simmons' bad side.Brad Barket/Getty Images
Mike Greenberg (l.) and Mike Golic get on Bill Simmons’ bad side.

“Have a balls to call me to plead it on a show. Don’t lift it out of context only since we need provender for a segment. Pathetic.”

Simmons appears to be in a fighting mood of late, quite with ESPN. His new three-week anathema came after he publicly challenged his bosses to retaliate him following a profanity-laced diatribe opposite Goodell.

This latest outburst serve fuels conjecture that Simmons wants out during a network, with whom his stream agreement expires subsequent year.

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