Bill Cosby’s counsel describes sex attack claims as ‘fantastical’

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Some of a women accusing Cosby are going open again after primarily coming
brazen around 2005, when Andrea Constand filed a polite fit alleging that
she was intimately assaulted by him.

Another woman, Joan Tarshis, motionless to tell her story publicly for a first
time on Monday.

Now 66, Ms Tarshis pronounced Cosby gave her drug-laced drinks twice in 1969,
forcing her to perform a sex act a initial time and raping her a second

She pronounced she told no one about this for decades, and usually motionless to go public
when she review a Nov. 13 mainstay in The Washington Post by Barbara Bowman, who
alleges she was unperceiving and raped by Cosby when she was 17.

The Pennsylvania woman’s counsel pronounced other women were prepared to make similar
claims, yet a box was staid before trial.

As Cosby’s stand-up debate crumbled with shows canceled in 6 states, the
embattled hostess took to a theatre on Friday in Florida to a standing
acclaim from a sold-out crowd.

Performances in Oklahoma, Nevada, Illinois, Arizona, South Carolina and
Washington State, though, were called off as some-more women come forward
accusing a hostess of intimately assaulting them many years ago.

“Lawsuits are filed opposite people in a open eye each day.” a statement
said. “There has never been a necessity of lawyers peaceful to represent
people with claims opposite rich, absolute men, so it creates no clarity that not
one of these new women who usually came brazen for a initial time now ever
asserted a authorised explain behind during a time they lay they had been sexually

“This conditions is an rare instance of a media’s breakneck rush to
run stories but any certification or confluence to traditional
journalistic standards. Over and over again, we have refuted these new
unsubstantiated stories with documentary evidence, usually to have a new
uncorroborated story stand adult out of a woodwork. When will it end?

“It is prolonged pasttime for this media misrepresentation of Mr Cosby to stop.”

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