Bill Cosby countersues 7 accusers

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Bill Cosby is claiming insult in a lawsuit filed Monday opposite 7 of his accusers.

“Mr. Cosby states seemingly that he conjunction unperceiving no intimately assaulted a defendants and that any suspect has maliciously and intentionally published mixed fake statements and accusations from Fall 2014 by a stream day in an bid to means repairs to Mr. Cosby’s repute and to remove financial gains,” Cosby’s attorney, Monique Pressley, tells USA TODAY in a statement.

The suit, filed in sovereign court, is directed during Massachusetts accusers Tamara Green, Therese Serignese, Linda Traitz, Louisa Moritz, Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis and Angela Leslie. The lawyer’s matter adds that a “false…opportunistic” allegations have caused Cosby to humour detriment of jobs and “mortification.”

The 7 women have assimilated together in a insult fit opposite Cosby in sovereign justice in Massachusetts (where he lives), creatively filed final year by 3 accusers. It’s a largest of a half dozen polite lawsuits filed opposite Cosby in new months.

All are famous accusers who have come brazen publicly in several forums to credit Cosby of drugging and intimately assaulting them in episodes dating behind to a mid-1960s.

Cosby’s insult suit against a 7 women comes after a sovereign decider in Massachusetts refused to chuck out their fit opposite him in October.

“This was expected,” says profession Joseph Cammarata, who represents a 7 women named in a Massachusetts suit. “It’s a page out of a defense lawyer’s playbook. It’s extraordinary to me how there can be scores of other ladies who have come out, and nonetheless Mr. Cosby has singled out seven of them to pierce a explain against. It’s seems a bit retaliatory to me.”

Attorney Gloria Allred, who is one of 6 lawyers doing polite lawsuits opposite Cosby (and represents roughly half of his accusers) also spoke out during a news.

“Bill Cosby appears to be going to fight opposite women who have sued him in Massachusetts and who lay that he has victimized them,” she tells USA TODAY. “Although we do not paint a women in that case, we do trust that in ubiquitous that such a tactic will not deter bold women from fighting a conflict opposite him.”

Allred’s daughter, profession Lisa Bloom, also assimilated a conversation. She represents Janice Dickinson, who is also posterior a polite fit opposite Cosby for defamation. Dickinson has purported that Cosby unperceiving and intimately assaulted her in 1982, that Cosby has called lies.

“Having been catastrophic in his try to get a Massachusetts accusers’ claims thrown out, Bill Cosby’s subsequent assertive authorised pierce is to countersue them. At slightest this ensures that a accusers will get a day in justice they have been seeking,” says Bloom, observant Dickinson is available a preference by a justice of appeals on whether Cosby will be deposed in her case.

The deposition had been set for November until a decider temporarily stayed a order.

Cosby’s countersuit arrives a same day Boston University motionless to devaluate a titular grade conferred on Cosby in 2014, fasten scores of colleges and universities who have finished so in a past year.

“The Board’s preference was formed on a determination, upheld by Mr. Cosby’s sworn deposition testimony, that his diagnosis of women has brought poignant and durability disprove on himself and is unsuitable with a University’s goal and values,” pronounced Boston University president Robert A. Brown in a statement.

The sum series of women who have publicly claimed Cosby unperceiving and/or intimately assaulted them in decades past sits during scarcely 60. Cosby has denied all wrongdoing, and many of a accusations are too aged to pursue in rapist court.

Cosby has so distant been compelled to give one deposition in Oct in a California polite box brought by Judy Huth, who claims Cosby forced her to perform a sex act on him in a 1970s. That deposition has not been done open and won’t be until during slightest Dec. 22.

According to his attorney, Cosby is seeking saving and punitive damages.



Three women have indicted Cosby and his member of ruining a women’s reputations by statements to a media.
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