Bill Cosby Asserts His "Self-Defense" Rights to Rape Accusers

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Bill Cosby has been on a defensive in a past few months over allegations by many women who credit a comedian of drugging and intimately assaulting them. On Friday, Cosby’s lawyers told a Massachusetts decider to boot a insult explain done by 3 women on a basement that if he branded them liars in statements to a press, he was within his rights to make “”privileged utterances of self-defense.”

The lawsuit was creatively filed by Tamara Green, who claims to have been a plant of Cosby’s in a 1970s and had her repute tarnished when Cosby’s publicist told Newsweek that Green was “discredited” and Cosby’s counsel told The Washington Post that “the occurrence she describes did not happen.”

After Green submitted her suit, she was assimilated in a movement by dual other women, Therese Serignese and Linda Traitz, who also come brazen with tales of being victimized twice — once by passionate assault, again by libel.

According to Cosby’s chit in support to boot a lawsuit, these claims have no place in court. After denying a claim of passionate bungle by a 3 women — and boldfacing a rejection — Cosby’s lawyers write a lawsuit is a “misuse of a law of insult to try an finish run around a applicable principle of stipulations for a purported assaults.”

The brief afterwards goes on to spell out because many others — substantially even assertive attorneys like Gloria Allred — have resolved that insult isn’t a sword by that to retaliate Cosby for what rape accusers are observant he did.

“The law does not need that one mount idly by while he is publicly attacked,” states a memorandum. “Instead, a law entitles an particular who is indicted of critical indiscretion to plead a allegations though confronting insult claims. Statements done in self-defense are privileged, and can't form a basement of a insult action. Any other order would daunt full and open open sermon and would benefaction those who are pounded with a Hobson’s Choice: possibly sojourn wordless and concede accusations to mount unanswered, or publicly repudiate them and entice a expense, burdens and vexations of a insult suit.”

It’s afterwards combined that a outcome would be “inequitable,” that might sound like inflammatory tongue when totalled opposite a critical inlet of rape, though what Cosby’s lawyers contextualize as a purpose of carrying government of stipulations when “evidence and witnesses have left and memory has faded.”

Besides lifting a invulnerability that statements done are privileged, a chit addresses other reasons because a lawsuit arguably fails: The women weren’t directly called “liars,” some of a statements in doubt are pronounced to not be “of and concerning” them, and there was ostensible “substantial truth” to statements done about Traitz, with nods to her rapist swat sheet. Plus some-more as seen in a full request below.

The plaintiffs will have event shortly to plead a suit with arguments because their claims are upheld by fact and law.

Cosby is being represented by Robert LoBue during Patterson Belknap as good as Francis Dibble and Jeffrey Poindexter during Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas.

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