Biggest Takeaways from NFL’s Saturday Wild Card Action

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Offensively a Cardinals were singular to usually 78 sum yards of offense in a playoff game.

Throughout a diversion they trotted out some problematic players some-more suggestive of a fourth entertain in a playoff game. The deputy Cardinals played valiantly though in a end, there was usually so most we could design from these guys in a playoff diversion (even opposite a group with a losing record). 

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald seemed like a apparent star energy we spin to in a diversion like this, though Fitz is not a special playmaker after a catch, that means his prolongation was during a forgiveness of Ryan Lindley’s arm. With that said, Fitzgerald showed extensive bid in a initial entertain with a round in his hands down in a redzone.

Lindley had a good demeanour during Fitzgerald in a finish section during a finish of a initial entertain though missed him. He would immediately go behind to No. 11 on a subsequent play with an underneath route. After a locate he was in singular form, refusing to go down.

Bruce Arians outcoached a Panthers in a initial have by avoiding plays that would outcome in a dear mistake, and by putting extrinsic players in a best position to succeed. Arians did this by tackling a expectations of a invulnerability wisely.

In a initial half, a Panthers looked like a some-more able group on both sides of a ball, holding a Cards to usually 65 sum yards on offense compared to Carolina’s 208 yards. Arians managed to shun with a one-point lead by doing a good pursuit holding advantage of a dual Panthers’ turnovers.

For a game, their offense totaled usually 78 yards and a eventually a miss of playmakers on offense held adult with a Cards. They converted 8 initial downs on a day.

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