Biggest Takeaways for Rory McIlroy After His 1st PGA Tour Event of 2015

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Rory McIlroy found himself outward a cut line after dual rounds in his 2015 PGA Tour debut.

The Ulsterman carded rounds of 73 and 74 and will be spending a weekend during his circuitously Florida home rather than inside a ropes. His seven-over total after dual rounds was good off a pace. 

In a news from Reuters, McIlroy stated, “I theory we don’t feel like we tranquil my round moody good during all, that we need to in a wind. The final 3 weeks, we haven’t unequivocally used in many crosswinds. we felt like we struggled in crosswinds out there.”

It looks, then, we can supplement “crosswinds” to “toothache” on a list of reasons McIlroy didn’t play good during PGA National Champions Course. 

All joking aside, McIlroy didn’t seem terribly endangered by a missed cut as we impetus toward Augusta. Read on for that, and a handful of other takeaways, after a jump. 

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