Big Ten Power Rankings

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Big Ten Power Rankings


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1. Michigan State

After a Braxton Miller injury, Michigan State became a transparent favorite to win a Big Ten. Some could have argued that Sparty was a favorite all along. Nothing in week one altered that notion.

2. Ohio State

If we had created this during halftime of Ohio State’s opener opposite Navy — during which, a Buckeyes were losing — we competence have ranked Ohio State nearby a bottom of a pack. But a Buckeyes showed up, and new-quarterback JT Barrett looked good.

3. Nebraska

Jordan Westerkamp’s behind-the-back locate was good adequate to propel Nebraska a integrate of spots in a rankings. Also, Ameer Abdullah! Arguably a best using behind in a Big Ten rushed for 232 yards final week. Typically, that doesn’t hurt.

4. Wisconsin

Any group that has Melvin Gordon gets my vote. If he hadn’t gotten hurt, Wisconsin expected wins a opener opposite LSU. There are still questions, yet — especially throwing a round to their possess players and, we know, indeed gaining yards, though we won’t press a panic symbol until detriment series two.

5. Iowa

Iowa was reduction than considerable in a opener opposite Northern Iowa. But a Panthers are a improved group than people give them credit for. Also, when’s a final time Iowa gave adult 3 plays of 50-plus yards? David Johnson expected keeps Kirk Ferentz adult during night.

6. Penn State

Fun fact: a contributor during Big Ten Media Days asked James Franklin if Christian Hackenberg was a many gifted quarterback in a nation. Preseason speak is always fun. But really, my mania with James Franklin will never finish — ask my co-workers. It’s a spectacle that we didn’t put Penn State as a series one team, though we digress.

7. Michigan

Michigan avoided a canon by defeating Appalachian State final week. I’m still not assured a Wolverines are that good. That’s all we have to contend about that.

8. Maryland

Maryland indeed looked considerable in a 52-7 win over James Madison. we use that phrasing since we didn’t design most from Maryland this year. I’m also not removing too vehement because, we know, James Madison.

9. Minnesota

Minnesota went a bit underneath a radar in a win since it played on Thursday. But a win’s a win. Also, who motionless to play college football on Thursday? That’s like job a preseason NFL diversion that happens to be played on Monday night Monday Night Football. It’s usually wrong.

10. Rutgers

Wait, Rutgers won? It seemed like everybody had a Scarlet Knights slated for a two- or three-win season. It appears they do have some talent, and a satisfactory volume of athletes. we theory they competence not be that bad after all. (But, really, Rutgers still isn’t that good.)

11. Indiana

Indiana conduct manager Kevin Wilson once told reporters if they could suppose how good Indiana would be if a invulnerability could get a few stops per game. That should tell we usually about all we need to know.

12. Northwestern

Poor Pat Fitzgerald. Next thing we know, his propagandize will be in a center of a staggering preference about either college athletes can unionize. Oh, they are? Poor Pat Fitzgerald.

13. Illinois

It took Illinois until a fourth entertain to put divided a Youngstown State Penguins. Let me repeat that: a Penguins. It’s usually wise that Illinois follows that adult by personification a Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, that is legitimately their name since a propagandize sits on a hill. 

14. Purdue

Purdue’s week one win tied a win sum from final season. If you’re efficient during counting, math, or simple explanation — and we should be — you’ll have figured out by now that that series is one. Purdue won one diversion final season. This is still funny.

Offensive Impact
Name: Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska
Position: Running Back
Year: Senior

Aside from Melvin Gordon, who was a descent impact actor final week, Abdullah is arguably a best using behind in a Big Ten. Last week was explanation of that. Abdullah kicked off a year with 232 rushing on 21 attempts.

This week they play McNeese State, so it would be a good gamble to design a identical opening from Abdullah.

Defensive Impact
Name: Shilique Calhoun, Michigan State
Position: Defensive End
Year: Junior

Shilique Calhoun has mixed nicknames — “Shilique a Freak,” “Bane,” or “Lynx.” Whatever we call him by, know that he’s a best defensive lineman in a Big Ten. He competence be a best altogether defensive actor in a conference.

His play will be outrageous if Michigan State wants to leave Oregon with a second win of a season. Getting vigour on Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is step one in that process.

Game to Watch
No. 7 Michigan State during No. 3 Oregon
When: 5:30 p.m. (CT)
Where: Eugene, Oregon
Watch:  FOX

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