Ben Carson May Be a Perfect Trump HUD Secretary

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Ben Carson is not in over his head.Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Ben Carson has demonstrated a ability to do dual things during a world-class level: perform surgical operations, and run lucrative scams. By his possess admission, he is plainly unqualified to run a sovereign agency. Nonetheless, he is apparently on a verge of usurpation a pursuit as secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a process margin in that he has no knowledge or expertise. One competence consider that this credentials creates Carson singly unsuited for a purpose of HUD secretary. But from another, some-more asocial perspective, he is positively ideal for a job.

HUD is traditionally a magnet for liaison underneath Republican administrations, for dual reasons. First, a goal of providing affordable housing for a civic bad is marginal, during best, to a core Republican agenda. (Jack Kemp, George H. W. Bush’s HUD secretary, is a singular difference of an romantic Republican HUD secretary.) Second, a agency’s module structure lends itself naturally to profiteering. HUD works closely with private developers to build affordable housing. Without clever oversight, a group can simply turn a jelly account to discharge swain contracts to a administration’s buddies.

Samuel Pierce, Ronald Reagan’s HUD secretary, incited a group into a jelly account for cronies. Reagan’s HUD frequently handed out loans and grants on a basement of political contacts. Moderate Republican Representative Chris Shays denounced one span of profiteers for using “a dirty, smelly, slippery business.” Ultimately, a slew of Reagan-era HUD officials were convicted, including 3 partner secretaries, for such crimes as usurpation bootleg loans, interference justice, and bootleg gratuities.

George W. Bush’s housing secretary, Alphonso Jackson, quiescent in 2008 after a array of scandals. These included swain deals and arrogant salaries for his friends, threats opposite whistleblowers, instructing his staff to drive contracts to Bush supporters, and even saying publicly that he once denied an differently suitable agreement since a bidder criticized Bush. “Why should we prerogative someone who doesn’t like a president, so they can use supports to try to debate opposite a president?” pronounced Jackson. “Logic says they don’t get a contract. That’s a approach we believe.” Jackson faced investigations by HUD’s examiner general, a Department of Justice and a FBI, nothing of that resulted in a conviction.

There is an additional risk cause in Trump’s administration. The boss is formulation to continue to run his business sovereignty in office, though disclosing his income. And so Carson, a male with no knowledge in supervision though endless knowledge in a margin of bilking, and a proven loyalist of Donald Trump, will apparently manage an group whose goal lends itself to corruption. If Trump’s priority was to safeguard a many effective and fit use of each housing dollar, Carson would make a really bizarre choice. But that might not be Trump’s priority during all.

Update: Carson has accepted a position, according to his spokesman.

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