Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, John Krasinski Take Responsibility, Defend Tom Brady …

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Blame it on Ben… and Matt and John! New England Patriots fans including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Chris Evans, Steven Tyler, and John Krasinski (among many others) took shortcoming for a ongoing Deflategate scandal, fortifying star quarterback Tom Brady on a Thursday, Jan. 29 part of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Super Bowl-bound Brady and Patriots’ conduct manager Bill Belichick have been indicted of deflating footballs before to confronting a Indianapolis Colts in a AFC Championship Game. Kimmel gave a standing refurbish on a situation, and supposing his possess crafty take on what happens in a arise of a “high-profile crime.”

“The NFL is now focusing on a Patriots’ locker room attendant,” Kimmel noted. “They wish to know if he did it, and if he did do it, why? Did Tom Brady ask him to do it? When there’s a high-profile crime, all of a remarkable a garland of people come brazen and claimed they did it. we don’t know if a people we’re about to see are perplexing to strengthen Tom Brady or if they’re mentally ill.”

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In a clip, countless Brady fans urge Gisele Bundchen‘s husband, holding a censure for a scandal. “Hello, I’m Kiff O’Shannon from Ducksburg,” a pointless male shares in a confessional-type video. “On Jan 18th of this year, we followed a New England Patriots into Gillette Stadium. we gained entrance to a locker room and we squeezed all a footballs disagreeable hard. That is because all a balls were deflated.”

Tom Brady of a New England Patriots.

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John Krasinski

Krasinski creates his coming as “Donald O’Donald McDonald” — Boston accent enclosed — and he, too, takes a censure for a crime. Damon joins in and provides his take on deflating any football, afterwards a mustached Evans also confesses to squeezing a balls before a large game.

Matt Damon

Affleck and Tyler also make warn appearances and explain that they are “the locker room guy.” Watch a waggish video above!

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