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Hold off on a acclaim for a Baltimore Ravens.

Sure, they cut Ray Rice on Monday. It came after a team’s mind trust hold a discerning crowd in group owners Steve Bisciotti’s office.

They should have finished that months ago, rather than perplexing to strengthen his image.

The Ravens were forced to do a right thing, finally, amid renewed anger lighted after TMZ expelled a video to exhibit what indeed occurred inside that conveyor during a hotel in Atlantic City in February, when Rice’s absolute left offshoot left Janay Palmer – afterwards his fiancée, now his mother – unconscious.

Until that video came out, Rice was set to lapse to a group on Friday after portion a weak, two-game cessation that he perceived from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Yet with a video confirming a worst-case unfolding illustrating a nauseous hint of domestic violence, a Ravens had no choice though to cut ties with Rice – vivid hole in a backfield be damned.

And only think: The Ravens stood behind Rice, who sat during a press discussion a few months ago while his mother apologized for her “role” in a incident.

On a videotape, her purpose looked to be that as a classical victim.

Shame on a Ravens – including Bisciotti, group boss Dick Cass, GM Ozzie Newsome, manager John Harbaugh and afterwards some – for not executing due diligence.

The team, partial of a joining that generates some-more than $10 billion in revenues, should have cumulative a bottom-line justification and afterwards motionless if that’s a using behind they wish representing a franchise.

Especially after a initial TMZ video, from outward a elevator, repelled us enough.

It’s one thing to support a uneasy player, as a Ravens have finished via their story on many levels. But that shouldn’t embody guaranteeing a pursuit for a actor who knocks out his lady.

The Ravens indispensable to make that matter about a beliefs of their classification before now.

Shame too on a NFL, that followed a Ravens pierce by suspending Rice indefinitely.

It took heated recoil for Goodell to hospital a worse domestic attack process and acknowledge that he blew it with a strange suspension. Now this takes all a rumble from NFL, Week 1.

The prosecutor in Atlantic City blew it, too.

That act of attack got Rice into a diversion module that will eventually erase a charges?

The TMZ video wasn’t combined Monday. The existence of such an inside-the-elevator perspective was famous for months, talked about on a NFL grapevine. Knowing that it existed, it was obligatory on a Ravens and a NFL to obtain and examination that video before creation any judgments about a cessation or levels of support.

The Ravens were rebuffed in attempts to secure a duplicate of a videotape, behaving on a believe that a prosecutor and presiding Judge in Rice’s box saw a video, a chairman with believe of a conditions told USA TODAY Sports. Anonymity was requested since a chairman was not certified to pronounce publicly on a issue.

The NFL’s reason that it had not seen a video until Monday was not good enough.

If TMZ can get a videotape, because can’t a NFL?

The NFL maintains that it requested a videotape from a authorities. That it was rebuffed, too, is obscure when deliberation a high-profile inlet of a box and a NFL’s widespread ties.

The NFL and a teams don’t have a form of summons energy to obtain videotape from private establishments as law coercion can obtain, though a maestro law coercion veteran on Monday confirmed to me that a joining confidence crew typically have mild arrangements with law enforcement. That’s because it’s formidable to suppose that a Ravens and a NFL could not have performed a videotape.

Yes, there most censure to spread.

The method of events leaves a sense that a Rices were not entirely pure in providing sum of what occurred inside a elevator.

Even if that’s a case, Goodell and a Ravens coronet had to know of a bent for domestic attack victims – and perpetrators, too – to alleviate their versions in a seductiveness of economics.

While it’s misleading accurately what a Rices told Goodell and a Ravens over Ray revelation that he struck Janay, we know that Janay publicly supposed censure while reading a matter during a weird press discussion in May.

Even worse, a Ravens sent a twitter that afternoon expressing her distress from a team’s central Twitter account.

On tip of that, group clamp boss Kevin Byrne wrote a intense invulnerability of Rice’s impression on a group website. Fans gave Rice a station acclaim during an open use during MT Bank Stadium.

And when Rice hold a press discussion days after his cessation was handed down in late July, probably a whole Ravens group seemed as a uncover of support.

I consternation either any of that support – from fans, group officials and teammates comparison – would have existed in identical conform if they had seen a videotape.

The initial videotape, with Rice dropping Janay to a building outward a conveyor like a soppy napkin, should have been adequate to rage a support.

But now there’s no gray area. Just a lot of people wanting to cover their tracks.

USA TODAY Sports’ Christine Brennan reacts to a Ray Rice domestic attack conditions and says a NFL has some-more to do in removing absolved of other offenders opposite a league.

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