Bell: Cowboys forced to play catch-up with Eagles

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ARLINGTON, Texas — Maybe a drubbing during a Big Circus Tent on Turkey Day won’t definitively establish a NFC East pretension this season.

Maybe that happens in 17 days during The Linc.

Yet with a convincing 33-10 victory, a Philadelphia Eagles certain showed a Dallas Cowboys accurately where they mount if they consider they are going to replace a reigning multiplication champs.

The Cowboys have a lot of throwing adult to do — in some-more ways than one.

There was 0 of that on Thursday.

Not after a fast-acting Eagles ripped off 80- and 88-yard touchdown drives on their initial dual security – regulating usually 5 minutes, 6 seconds on a time – to set a tone.

So a halftime act was a rapper named Pitbull?

How fitting. The Eagles (9-3) pounded a sleep-walking Cowboys like a container of array bulls.

Or like Hitchcock’s frightful birds.

“Our guys came prepared to play, played with good energy,” Eagles manager Chip Kelly pronounced following with his prevalent discerning tempo. “We were vehement about playing. We knew that it was a non-traditional week. We had 0 to do with a schedule, and if we tell us when to play, we’re going to play.”

This discerning start didn’t start with a opening silver toss. Kelly saw something in his group on Sunday, when hours after a Eagles put a beating on a Titans, several players were roaming around a team’s NovaCare formidable on Sunday night, removing rehab and doing liberation protocols.

Coaches had started operative on Dallas before a Tennessee drubbing, so this whole thought of removing a burst played out all over a place.

The Cowboys — down 14-zip before somebody, somewhere could pass a cranberry salsa — were no compare for that.

It was something like a football chronicle of a classical tortoise vs. hare matchup, given a resisting styles in play. It was Kelly’s fast-break football pitted opposite a refashioned Dallas devise underneath Jason Garrett that grinds and pounds behind NFL rushing personality DeMarco Murray and a cruel O-line.

The hare won.

This not usually was demonstrated with a grand totals — like a 464 sum yards, LeSean McCoy’s 159 rushing yards and Mark Sanchez’s 0 picks — nonetheless also with pointed twists that unprotected an improving Dallas invulnerability as a section with many some-more swell indispensable to turn a championship unit.

Early in a second quarter, a Cowboys invulnerability finally done a large play when Tyrone Crawford bloody Sanchez, stuffing in for harmed starter Nick Foles. Even nonetheless a Eagles recovered a pop-up fumble, they faced second-and-19. And unexpected a physique denunciation of Dallas screamed giddy.

Boom. The Eagles used a discerning snap. Sanchez zipped a discerning pass to Jeremy Maclin out wide. Maclin used a discerning pierce to dart past a defender. He cut opposite a margin for 59 yards, quickly, to set adult a initial of Cody Parkey’s 4 margin goals.

The lesson: Do not take a exhale between snaps, or risk removing burned. Quickly.

The Cowboys (8-4) have been in a few holes this season, nonetheless have been so volatile in rallying while adhering to their newfound truth of using a offense by Murray.

They trailed 21-0 during St. Louis in Week 3, and won 34-31 on a day Murray had 24 carries.

They fell behind 10-0 during Seattle in Week 6, and won 30-23 with Murray logging 29 rushes.

Last Sunday night, they were down 21-10 and won 31-28. Murray finished with 24 carries.

On Thursday, they also opted not to desert a using game.

But it didn’t work this time.

That’s given a Eagles invulnerability had a best diversion of a season, with a devise starting by gripping Murray (20 rushes, 73 yards, 3.7 per carry) in check. It was usually a second time in 12 games that Murray rushed for fewer than 100 yards.

“The pivotal is not vouchsafing DeMarco get those prolonged runs, that we did a good pursuit of,” pronounced Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin.

Murray’s longest run was 9 yards.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s active defensive line done life miserable on Tony Romo, who had his lowest-rated diversion of a deteriorate (53.7), was picked off twice and sacked 4 times.

Romo had 0 of a time he had during a quip pursuit opposite a Giants, with a inner clocks of a Eagles rushers dialed in to interrupt timing and tighten off a spaces where he could spin and emanate time in a pocket.

Yet maybe time influenced Romo in another regard.

It was Thursday. Typically, that’s a day that Romo has returned to a use margin during a week as he’s nursed and complacent his back, anticipating a stroke for of his many fit seasons. Entering a game, Romo had a stimulating 21-3 TD-to-INT ratio given Week 1, when he threw 3 picks opposite a 49ers. His coherence was overshadowed by Murray’s record-breaking brilliance.

But this time, Romo was personification rather than practicing on Thursday.

Not good. He knows.

“We indispensable to be better,” Romo said.

This was accentuated on third downs. Dallas entered a diversion converting on 50% of a third downs, a second-best rate in a league. But on Thursday, Romo’s standard use day, they were 4-for-12 on third downs, with a low-lights including several officious nauseous throws.

The good thing for a Cowboys — who have mislaid 3 true during home and are undefeated on a highway this deteriorate — is that there is still time.

The bad news is that a hare is approach forward — and giving no signs of negligence down.

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