Beaverton needs puncture operations magnitude (Opinion)

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By Jim McCreight

When we initial altered to Beaverton in 1966, a Beach Boys were during a tip of a record charts and Beaverton was deliberate merely a “bedroom community” to Portland.

Fast brazen 50 years. Today Beaverton is a diversified city, a high-tech business core and, still, a good place to lift a family.

But for all a certain changes that have occurred, Beaverton lacks a open reserve core that meets a needs of complicated policing and puncture response.

I adore this city, and that’s since I’m seeking my neighbors and everybody who lives in Beaverton to opinion approbation on Beaverton’s Public Safety Center Measure 34-250, that will safeguard that a village is prepared for now and for a future.

My children and 9 grandkids all attended Beaverton schools. It’s critical to me that they are safe. That’s since we am deeply endangered that a city’s puncture responders are headquartered in a building that could fall during a vital earthquake.

Our military and courts work from a Griffith Park bureau building, designed and built in a early 1980s. The structure is not usually aging, a really design is unsound as a open reserve center.

We need to make certain that a crime victims, juveniles and members of a ubiquitous open do not have to share a same hallways as offenders.

We are advantageous to have one of a excellent military army in a state. We wish a officers to have a latest communications systems so they can respond fast to a vital crime, sharpened or terrorism event. We contingency have comprehensive certainty that a puncture operations core can continue to duty in a arise of a healthy disaster.

Five years ago, a mayor and military arch asked a row of internal residents to brand options for a new Beaverton open reserve facility. we was unapproachable to have been asked to chair that adults advisory committee, that spent 3 years looking during 24 open and secretly owned properties. Ultimately, we dynamic a best choice would be to transform and retrofit a Griffith Park building. Two years ago, a list magnitude seeking electorate to approve and account that plan mislaid by a slight margin. Since then, a Federal Emergency Management Agency altered a floodplain maps, creation that plcae too cost restricted to pursue today.


The adults cabinet went behind to work this past January. We identified a city-owned skill during Southwest Hall and Allen boulevards that is mainly located and permitted to vital travel thoroughfares. If electorate approve, a 90,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art open reserve core can be built with no boost to stream taxation rates. That’s since a bond is set during a same rate taxpayers are now profitable for voter-approved library holds that retire in dual years.

It’s time to ready Beaverton for a future. Our city’s stream puncture and law coercion comforts are old-fashioned and inadequate.

Join me in support of a safer Beaverton. Vote approbation on Measure 34-250.

Jim McCreight chairs Beaverton’s Public Safety Center Advisory Committee and serves as executive of vital partnerships for a Oregon Technology Business Center.

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