As deputy Note7s locate fire, we’re impending a ‘permanent suspension’ of the Note7 recommendation

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On Aug 24, we named a Samsung Galaxy Note7 a best phablet available—this formed on a intense Aug 16 review. Then Note7s starting throwing on glow en masse, call us to “temporarily suspend” a recommendation. Today, Samsung’s Note7 problem looks all though unsalvageable. Phones deemed protected by Samsung—replacement phones—are reportedly throwing on fire. So we’re now deliberation a permanent cessation of a buy recommendation unless Samsung acts quickly and transparently in pity accurately what’s wrong with a phone, and providing calming justification that a glow jeopardy has been rectified.

If we haven’t listened a latest: Last week an purported deputy phone held glow on a Southwest flight, prompting an evacuation on a runway in Louisville, KY. On Oct 8, we schooled that a Farmington, MN teen suffered a burn when an purported deputy Note7 went adult in abandon in her hand. On a same day, a male in Nicholasville, KY reported that his alleged replacement Note7 held fire on Tuesday. Adding insult to injury, Samsung support incorrectly sent a male a summary that was clearly dictated for someone during Samsung: ”Just now got this. we can try and delayed him down if we consider it will matter, or we only let him do what he keeps melancholy to do and see if he does it.”

All 3 reports demeanour ideally reliable. Just watch a Note7 owners on a Southwest moody explain his Note7 journey.

Andrew Zuis

Andrew Zuis binds adult his daughter’s Note7, that allegedly held glow in Farmington, MN.

Samsung says it’s questioning all 3 incidents—and that’s vicious since all Note7 owners merit answers about what’s going on. But during Greenbot and PCWorld we need some-more than only cursory reassurances that a glow jeopardy has been fixed. Before we can ever again suggest a Note7, we need a clear, minute reason of accurately because a strange batches of phones held on fire; a clear, minute reason of because a deputy phones are throwing on fire; and a clear, minute reason of how a third collection of phones—if Samsung decides to keep during this—has been engineered to not go adult in flames.

Seeing is believing, Samsung. Show us your work. It’s one thing to tell us that a battery problem has been solved, though until we learn some-more about a core record issues surrounding a battery conflagrations, we can’t suggest a Note7 to anyone. 

So far, a closest we’ve seen to a technical reason came from Samsung mobile boss Koh Dong-jin on Sept. 2. Referring to a strange collection of phones, he pronounced a “tiny error” in a production routine went undetected. An article in The Asahi Shimbun reported, “The finish of a pouch-shaped battery dungeon had some flaws that increasing a possibility of highlight or overheating, [Koh Dong-jin] explained.”

I asked my Samsung hit if a association could enhance on Koh Dong-jin’s statement, and perceived no serve explanation. I’ve also asked: What accurately was wrong with a strange battery? What accurately about a deputy battery fixes a hazard? Is it built to a opposite specification, or does it comes from a opposite source? What kind of contrast and stairs has Samsung taken to make certain that a new batteries are safe?

I haven’t perceived any answers.

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