Apple’s iOS 8.0.2 Fixes HealthKit, Cellular Problems

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Apple has launched nonetheless another mobile program refurbish this week, and this time it (hopefully) won’t hit out your iPhone’s mobile service. Available now, iOS 8.0.2 brings a HealthKit and Reachability fixes that were meant for iOS 8.0.1, while avoiding a mobile network emanate that tormented a prior update.

One of iOS 8.0.1’s dictated facilities was to minimize information use during content messages, though a refurbish caused a crowd of iPhone owners to remove their mobile vigilance wholly after downloading a patch. As a result, Apple took a refurbish down within an hour and supposing influenced users with a way to downgrade behind to iOS 8.0 around iTunes.

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Launched dual days after a botched iOS 8.0.1 release, chronicle 8.0.2 packs mostly a same changes, and hopefully won’t keep we from job and texting your friends. One of a categorical fixes is a genocide of a HealthKit bug, that prevented aptness apps from operative with Apple’s much-touted health hub.

iOS 8.0.2 aims to urge Reachability, a new underline that lets iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users change around a shade to make apps some-more thumb-friendly. The refurbish cures some print and video-related bugs, tightens adult third-party keyboard support and improves a new “Ask to Buy For Family Sharing” underline for small ones perplexing to make in-app purchases.

As always, if you’re looking to refurbish to iOS 8.0.2, conduct to Settings, name General and afterwards Software Update. Storage mandate change by device, though you’ll need about 64 MB giveaway for an iPhone.

It’s been a scattered week for Apple, with bent iPhones, iOS camera issues and iOS 8.0.1’s inauspicious launch all removing tons of attention. To Apple’s credit, a association during slightest seems to be holding caring of these problems quickly, starting with today’s update.

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