Apple Watch vs Apple Watch 2: What’s a disproportion between Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2?

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On 7 Sep 2016, Apple announced a new Apple Watch Series 2 and an refurbish to a original, fixing it a Apple Watch Series 1. The new watches both offer a 50 percent faster processor over a original, while a Series 2 comes with GPS, brighter arrangement and a waterproof design. In this comparison we demeanour during a strange 2015 Apple Watch, a Apple Watch Series 1 Apple Watch Series 2.

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Apple Watch vs Apple Watch 2: Price and availability

The strange Apple Watch has been discontinued, with accessibility for a 2015 indication usually accessible by other retailers, such as eBay where prices vacillate depending on a rope and model.

At Apple’s 7 Sep event, a Series 2 was announced and a Series 1 replaces a bottom indication of a strange watch starting at £269 (equivalent cost of a 2015 model); a Series 1 comes with a dual-core S1P processor.

The all new Apple Watch Series 2 starts from £369 and goes adult in cost depending on a rope or element chosen. The many costly model, a Apple Watch Edition starts during £1,249 and replaces a 2015 bullion chronicle of a Apple Watch.

It should also be mentioned that Apple now has a partnership with Nike, creation all a sport-focused watches called a Apple Watch Nike+, while a lush conform brand Hermès maintains a attribute with Apple to offer a Apple Watch Hermès. Both a Nike+ and Hermès variants have also been upgraded to the Series 2 model, where a Nike+ shares a same £369 bottom cost as a Series 2 watch. Click here to revisit a Apple Watch Series 2 pre-order page and name your model

The new watches will be accessible on 16 Sep and are already accessible for pre-order.

Looking during a prices, a strange 2015 watch is clearly a cheapest, though you’ll have to buy it used or wait a few months before anticipating it on Apple’s Refurbished store. The prices unequivocally fluctuate, though can be found for underneath £200 for a used indication – remember a tag and element type will establish a cost (even when used!).

The Series 1 comes in during a same cost that we could find a strange 2015 Apple Watch before 7 Sep 2016 – £269. It therefore comes in during no warn to see it being enclosed during a same price, though charity a dual-core processor over a strange 2015 model.

The Series 2 is a all bells and whistles smartwatch that is understandably a many costly out of a 3 and we’ll explain because in this comparison.

Apple Watch vs Apple Watch 2: What are a new facilities and specifications?

The new Series 2 is waterproof (up to 50m), GPS, double a shade liughtness and a S2 dual-core processor over a strange 2015 watch. The Series 1 has a S1P dual-core processor, where a rest of a specs are matching to a strange watch. Put into context, here are a specifications:

Apple Watch Series 2 specs (38/42mm)

  • Colours: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Space Grey Aluminium box and Space Black, Silver Stainless Steel box and Ceramic
  • S2 Dual-core processor
  • GPS
  • Height: 38.6/42.5mm
  • Width: 33.3mm/36.4mm
  • Depth: 11.4mm
  • Case weight: 28.2/34.2g 
  • Retina arrangement with Force Touch (2x brighter than original)
  • Digital Crown
  • Heart rate sensor
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Up to 18hrs battery life
  • Water resistant IPX7 (swimming explanation – H2O abyss adult to 50m)

Here are a specs of a strange Apple Watch (the Series 1 is matching to a below, though has a S1P dual-core processor and a new colour options – incompatible Ceramic):

Apple Watch specs (38/42mm)

  • Colours: Stainless Steel, Space Black Stainless Steel
  • Height: 38.6/42.5mm
  • Width: 33.3mm/36.4mm
  • Depth: 10.5mm
  • Retina arrangement with Force Touch
  • Digital Crown
  • Heart rate sensor
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Up to 18hrs battery life
  • Water resistant IPX7 (splash proof) 

Looking during a specifications above, a Series 2 has a top palm in terms of features, however they competence not be for everyone. Let’s mangle down a new features.


The biggest offered indicate for a Series 2 is a waterproof design. It can be taken into a swimming pool, be submerged adult to 50m and still work. It should be remarkable that a Series 2 still facilities a speaker, though Apple has designed a resource that pushes out H2O from a orator – a nifty small feature.

If you’re looking for a waterproof Apple Watch, a Series 2 is your usually stream option. The strange and Series 1 watches are H2O resistant, though that usually gives them dash insurance (such as rain). On a other hand, if we don’t intend to go on swims or plunge your Apple Watch, we can give a Series 2 a miss.


Another standout underline is GPS, and this is usually benefaction in a new Series 2 watch. GPS is essential if you’re looking for a watch that can be accurate in your workouts, where it will yield most some-more accurate information and concede we to lane your progress.

If you’re a aptness partner and wish some-more accurate information for your Apple Watch, or looking to get into aptness and squeeze a smartwatch – carrying GPS functionalities is rarely recommended.

If however we don’t devise to do practice with your Apple Watch, GPS won’t be missed. Also see: Best smartwatches, bands and trackers for wheelchair aptness tracking.


The Series 2 facilities double a nits (measured brightness) over a strange and Series 1 watch. If you’re a stream 2015 Apple Watch owners and find a shade not splendid adequate for your needs, a new Series 2 watch addresses this. We didn’t find a strange Apple Watch to be quite dull, so this combined reward for Series 2 owners will be welcome. 

As interactions with your watch won’t be as visit as they are with your phone, we don’t feel a arrangement liughtness will convince many to ascent or exclusively name a Series 2 over a Series 1 or strange 2015 watch.

Processor and speed

Both Series 2 and Series 1 have a dual-core processor. They are deemed to be equivalent, though one is labelled a S2 and a other S1P. From a knowledge, both processors are a same in terms of speed and functionality, though a S2, found in a Series 2 indication supports GPS.

It should also be remarkable that both processors offer a improved in-built graphics label (GPU), that allows images to be rendered most faster on your Apple Watch.

The new processors offer 50 percent faster speeds over a strange S1, single-core processor found in a 2015 Apple Watch. However, don’t be discerning to pounce on a new processor, as watchOS 3 also brings healthy additions to speed and responsiveness. If indolent speeds are frustrating we on your stream 2015 Apple Watch, ascent to watchOS 3 when probable and make a preference to afterwards upgrade. Also see: What is Breathe for Apple Watch?

Apple Watch vs Apple Watch 2: Should we ascent or spend some-more money?

As with all purchasing decisions, a ultimate preference lies in your hands or rodent clicks. Here are a few scenarios listed next and purchasing decisions we would suggest (which don’t indispensably meant they’ll be a right preference for you!):

You now possess a 2015 Apple Watch

  • Want improved aptness tracking? Get a Series 2
  • Want a truly waterproof smartwatch? Get a Series 2
  • Find a arrangement too dim? Get a Series 2
  • Find a watch sluggish? Upgrade to watchOS 3 and reassess – if still not confident try a Series 2 watch in an Apple Store

Never owned an Apple Watch

  • Want good fitness tracking and a waterproof design? Get a Series 2
  • Don’t caring about aptness or waterproof? Get a Series 1
  • Strapped for cash? Get a used 2015 Apple Watch

We wish a comparison has given we a good guideline – let us know in a comments next your thoughts and purchasing decisions (if we done one!). Read next: Best Apple Watch deals.

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