Apple releases apparatus to make evading iMessage limbo easier

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2014-11-10 12.48.29 pm
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Apple has expelled a apparatus that should mislay a hoops people have had to go by to stop their SMS messages being trapped in iMessage after switching to Android.

The two-step Deregister iMessage apparatus reduces a problems some people had encountered when attempting to interpretation their phone series from iMessage after relocating a SIM label from an iPhone to, for example, an Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone handset. (Some of those hurdles were laid out in Apple’s user forums.)

The apparatus is quite useful for anyone who no longer has entrance to their aged iPhone, given that Apple’s customary recommendation adult to this indicate has been to deregister iMessage before switching platforms. If they didn’t, there was a possibility that messages sent from other iPhone users would continue to be sent to Apple’s messaging servers and not to a SIM number.   

Apple: iMessage and Facetime are encrypted so we can’t palm over info

Apple: iMessage and Facetime are encrypted so we can't palm over info

Apple: iMessage and Facetime are encrypted so we can’t palm over info

Now, to deregister iMessage, a user simply sends Apple their stream phone series around a tool. They’ll afterwards accept a six-digit acknowledgment formula delivered by SMS to that number, that they block into a tool.

Previously, Apple’s recommendation was to deactivate iMessage before switching to a non-Apple phone. People who hadn’t finished that were told to re-insert a SIM label behind into a iPhone and go by settings on a device to spin iMessage off. That worked for people who still had a iPhone, though if a device was no longer in their possession they would have to hit Apple support.

The apparatus should solve some of a difficulty Android users have faced after stealing their SIM label from an iPhone, that was in partial a outcome of suggestions by other users on how to do it.

There were several stairs that do not deregister iMessage – many of them entrance from undone former iPhone owners perplexing to solve a problem themselves, including Adam Pash, who minute his problems evading “iMessage purgatory” and suggestions to repair it.

Methods that don’t do a job, according to Apple, embody texting a word “STOP” to 48369 from a new Android or Windows Phone; logging into My Support Profile and changing a cue or stealing a phone number; and changing an Apple ID password.

Earlier this year Apple was sued by a former iPhone owner who complained that Apple had interfered with her agreement with a mobile network provider. Apple after said it had bound a server-side iMessage bug that should have resolved a issue.

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