Apple Pushing iPhone Upgrades During Holiday Shopping Season

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That ensign was unequivocally un-Apple and tacky. Not a design, it’s purify and only a approach you’d pattern it to demeanour like for what it is, a problem is that this screams adware on an OS-level, that is… Eww…

The bar is lowered serve and further.

People ridicule a “haters” as they impute to them for nitpicking, though it starts with small things and positively what we (used to?) adore in Apple was their concentration on fact and perplexing their pinnacle in a many honest approach to equivocate slipping and being shady.
This exceeds slipping severely and shows their focus.
It’s gone. That value is left and wherever they still act in a aged approach it looks some-more like a masquerade or pattern preference rather than a core value that’s treated like a dedicated approach of thinking.

I’d most rather they advertised a new phone to me privately by a support hit when we face age-related opening issues (real age-related, not this questionable stock-OS chronicle + 2 = laggy animations) definition a transition is healthy and indispensable and not driven quite by “hey, you’re using aged tech and it’s time to hack adult a money again!”.

So maybe I’m nitpicking, though that’s since with Apple we got used to a really high customary and we – or during slightest we and apparently many others – bought Apple for this high standard, for their transparent “No” to adware, tackiness, loosening and such.

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