Apple iPHONEY 6 images SPLATTED onto interwebs. They’re not real, right?

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Another day, another turn of rumours cocktail adult about Apple’s arriving 9 Sep iThingy showcase. This time, a video and photos have seemed on Chinese websites claiming to be “real” shots of a iPhone 6.

Of course, Vulture Weekend records that this is potentially pristine tittle tattle and understands usually too good that on a internet nobody knows you’re a dog. Yada yada … But, dual apart leaks from a People’s Republic during really slightest try to provoke fanbois into meditative that a iPhone is indeed about to go vast as a 4.7-inch slab.

There is also a spirit that Apple’s Passbook app could play a pivotal purpose in a speculated mobile payments system.

If a images are accurate, afterwards they uncover that a Passbook app has been revamped on what is presumably iOS 8 using on a smartphone.

As Apple Insider righteously points out, a photos that seemed on seem to be calculated given that, for example, a leaky person’s ride covers critical information in one of a photos. That thick series conveniently conceals a indication and sequence numbers of a supposed iPhone 6.

Separately, a video posted on MiaoPai yesterday claimed to uncover a chairman fluttering around an iPhone 6, and flicking by a series of apps and settings on a purported device.

On Tuesday, Apple is reportedly approaching to betray dual models of a iPhone 6 alongside a iWatch to tackle a wearables market. ®

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