Apple filed a obvious for waterproofed iPhone ports

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Apple has requested a obvious that competence lead to destiny weatherproof devices. Although a company filed a paperwork behind in Jun 2014, it usually was suggested publicly this week. The paperwork centers on “self-healing elastomer” or rubber that can remove and recover a figure to keep a supportive inner-workings of a device protected. The obvious explains that this rubber sign on outmost jacks, like one for headphones or a energy cord, would open adult when a block is inserted. Once it’s removed, a covering will reshape and go behind to safeguarding a device’s opening.

Some varieties of a elastomer can strengthen opposite dust, debris, water, and gas, among other crazy environmental things, so we shortly competence be means to take a ill dirt charge selfie but annihilating your iPhone.

Other companies already use waterproof ports on their devices. Sony’s Z5, for instance, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, both have waterproofed headphone and energy ports that don’t need special covers.

While Apple’s obvious ask doesn’t indispensably meant users will get a entirely water-resistant device any time soon, Apple does already reason a obvious for a waterproof logicboard; there’s a squashy black element around a electronics for a protection. Both a iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are built with those logicboards. Even still, the inclination aren’t entirely waterproof, nonetheless they’re some-more resistant to H2O than before iPhones.

Correction, 4:30PM, Dec 11th: The strange chronicle of this essay pragmatic that Apple had been postulated this patent. That is incorrect, Apple merely filed for a patent, it has not nonetheless been postulated any obvious protections. The essay has been updated to simulate that.

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