Anti-pipeline activists explain Facebook censored their live video

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As we competence guess, Facebook disagrees with a idea that there were any sinister motivations. It tells Motherboard that a programmed spam filter pulled a couple “in error.” The amicable network easy a couple once it had a possibility to investigate, and has given apologized. “We infrequently get things wrong,” it says, observant that there are “million of [spam] reports” each week. We’ve reached out to Facebook ourselves for criticism and will let we know if it has some-more to add.

While a justification appears to support Facebook’s claims, a occurrence still underscores problems a site has whenever it pulls politically supportive material. Whether it’s a anathema (such as a Terror of War photo) or an blunder (like with a shooting of Philando Castile), any dismissal is probably guaranteed to fan accusations of censorship. Facebook has over 1.7 billion users — it’s by distant a many renouned place to share calm online, and even a comparatively singular glitch is firm to be beheld by many people. So prolonged as Facebook’s programmed systems (and increasingly rarely, human overseers) are reduction than bulletproof, these sorts of incidents are some-more a matter of “when” than “if.”

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