Andromeda inbound? Google’s long-rumored Android/Chrome OS partnership might entrance Oct 4

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Google’s much-anticipated hardware eventuality on Oct 4 might have some-more in store than some new Pixel phones and Google Home pricing. A news from Android Police speculates that Google will use a impulse to betray a rarely rumored partnership of Chrome OS and Android into one hybrid handling system.

The whole disaster started over a weekend when Android arch Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted that Oct 4, 2016 would be as ancestral as a original hurl out of Android on Sep 23, 2008. Android Police believes Lockheimer’s twitter is hinting during a mash-up project, that AP says is called Andromeda internally. 

Additionally, 9to5 Google has detected formula in a Android Open Source Project for Android 7.0 that directly references “Andromeda devices.” 

The latest rumors of an Android-Chrome OS partnership began in Oct 2015. At a time, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google would launch a new Android-Chrome OS plan in 2017. Before that, however, Google would entrance an early chronicle of a new handling complement in 2016, a Journal said. With 3 months and a few days left in 2016 and Lockheimer’s teaser tweet, AP total it’s now or never for Andromeda to see a light of day.

The implications for a post-Andromeda Google is distant from clear. Several other outlets, in further to a Journal, reported that Chrome OS would not be going away. That would meant device makers will have 3 options: Android, Chrome OS, and Andromeda.

Unless Google has a clear, simply distinct reason to keep Chrome OS and Andromeda as dual together projects this could get confusing, fast. Do we wish a Android-powered laptop that runs Android apps and has a Chrome browser, or do we wish a Chrome-based laptop that runs Android apps?

Google will also have to explain because Andromeda is even required for consumers. Phones and tablets have no genuine need for Chrome OS, and Google only spent poignant time removing Android apps to run on Chrome OS.

With only over a week to go until a large day we should know what Google’s skeleton are soon. We might even see a initial Andromeda-powered laptop subsequent week. In a apart report, Android Police says Google’s operative on a new Andromeda-powered Pixel laptop code-named ‘Bison’ that is due out in late 2017.

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