Analysts: Family Dollar will accept Dollar General bid.

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Dollar General’s revised bid for Family Dollar on Tuesday, lifting a cost to $80 money per share and similar to tighten or sell adult to 1,500 stores to reduce regulators’ concerns, eventually will lead to a partnership between a two, analysts predicted.

But a scarcely $10 billion bid might have to go “hostile,” with Dollar General appealing directly to Family Dollar shareholders, pronounced Mark Montagna, an researcher with Avondale Partners in Nashville who follows both companies.

“I cruise it’s a good offer, usually like a initial one, usually better, and we trust that eventually they do acquire Family Dollar,” Montagna said. “The Dollar General cost is good above a progressing Dollar Tree charity price, and a Family Dollar shareholders will press this to make it happen.”

In late July, Family Dollar concluded to Dollar Tree’s offer of $74.50 per share in a multiple of $59.60 money and $14.90 in Dollar Tree stock. Total value of that understanding was estimated during $8.5 billion.

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But on Aug. 18, Goodlettsville-based Dollar General Corp. charity $78.50 per share for Family Dollar, all cash, and also pronounced it would be peaceful to tighten 700 stores to prove any antitrust issues.

Family Dollar’s house fast deserted a initial Dollar General offer, observant that it had worries about such a understanding removing regulatory approval, and that a possess examination indicated that adult to 1,500 stores would have to be closed.

In a response on Tuesday, Family Dollar pronounced a house would cruise a revised offer, though that “the company’s house of directors has not altered a recommendation in support of a partnership with Dollar Tree.”

Family Dollar pronounced that it would “have no serve criticism on Dollar General’s offer until a house has finished a review.”

Dollar General Chairman and CEO Rick Dreiling pronounced in a minute to Family Dollar surveying a revised offer that “in a eventuality we exclude to rivet with us per a revised proposal, we will cruise holding a impressive and higher offer directly to your shareholders, as we are resolutely committed in a faith that a multiple of a companies is in their best interests.”

The Family Dollar shareholders would approve a improved offer if given a chance, Montagna said, generally since a Dollar General bid is for all cash.

If a Dollar Tree understanding were authorized instead, “Dollar Tree’s batch will go down in cost since (the former Family Dollar shareholders) will sell a Dollar Tree batch they were given,” Montagna said. “People will inundate a marketplace with stock, deflating a price.”

That creates a Dollar Tree understanding “even worse than it might appear,” he said.

In a latest offer, Dollar General also pronounced that it would compensate Family Dollar a $500 million “reverse” dissection price in a eventuality regulators don’t approve a merger. Dollar General also has pronounced it would compensate a $305 million dissection price Family Dollar would have to compensate to Dollar Tree if it walks divided from their deal.

Dollar General’s takeover also would be a improved understanding for Family Dollar’s customers, since “Dollar General offers a improved sell collection than Family Dollar,” Montagna said.

In a altogether conflict in a marketplace between a dual large dollar store chains, “Clearly a business have voted for Dollar General,” he said. “They like their sell charity better. With a merger, Dollar General can put that in a Family Dollar stores, and prices will be a same. Dollar General has to compare prices and stay tighten to Wal-Mart.”

The total association would have about 20,000 stores, reduction any that regulators need to be sealed or sold.

But it would expected meant a finish of Family Dollar’s longtime corporate participation in a Charlotte suburb of Matthews, N.C., where about 1,400 people work during a company’s headquarters.

Virginia-based Dollar Tree, whose merchandising plan of pricing all during $1 or reduction is utterly opposite from Family Dollar and Dollar General’s, has concluded to keep a Family Dollar name on a acquired stores, and say a corporate participation in Matthews. It also concluded to keep Family Dollar Chairman and CEO Howard Levine on house for during slightest dual years.

Levine substantially would be totally out with a Dollar General takeover, analysts said, nonetheless Dollar General has not nonetheless pronounced anything about either it would keep any of a Family Dollar corporate officers or domicile employees.

Neither would Levine be expected to try to buy a stores that Dollar General would drop as a outcome of a merger, since that would need starting an wholly new association and placement network to work them, Montagna said.

But Levine, son of Family Dollar’s founder, has done it transparent that he’s not prepared to retire, that is one reason analysts trust he’s pulling tough to keep a understanding with Dollar Tree.

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