Amazon unveils new Kindles; updates Fire HD, Fire HDX tablets

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Meet Amazon’s new Kindle. (Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive)

NEW YORK — Say hello to Amazon’s rested new choice of tablets. And there’s even a integrate of updated e-readers thrown in for good measure.

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Amazon releases Fire OS 4: Adds Firefly to tablets, integrates cloud

Amazon releases Fire OS 4: Adds Firefly to tablets, integrates cloud

Amazon on Wednesday announced not only one or two, yet 6 new and softened inclination to a inscription preference during an eventuality in New York.

The sell incited cloud and mobile hulk touted a new Kindle e-readers as a honour and joy, yet left adequate shake room to uncover off a brood of new inclination for adults, kids, and a business-minded user.

Amazon’s new Kindle arrives in dual iterations: a new Kindle, that keeps a name with no frills — only like a design; and the (leaked) Kindle Voyage, that a association boasted as a thinnest and many modernized e-reader to date.

The Kindle stands on a possess consequence with zealous book and request readers. It’s faster, has double a storage, and has an all-touch display. The device also comes with new program — notably X-Ray, a underline that adds a ability to demeanour adult impression profiles and other information.

The new software, including deeper Goodreads integration, extended search, and Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 entrance to over 700,000 books and thousands of audiobooks, will arrive over-the-air after this year.

The new Kindle is accessible for $99, with Kindle Paperwhite larger kin accessible at $119, with an softened two-fold strike in storage.

The Kindle Voyage, that weighs in during a heftier $199, has a remarkably pointy screen, low contrasts, and a 39 percent brighter screen. Amazon touted a Adapted Front Light record that dims a shade depending on a lighting conditions. Its matte arrangement also reduces glisten considerably, creation outside reading easier. But a shade will also low over time when reading in a dim to make it easier on a eyes.

Amazon Kindle Voyage. (Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive)

It also sees a lapse of haptic feedback-enabled reason buttons to corkscrew by pages, dubbed PagePress. Amazon is also tossing in giveaway 3G connectivity for on-the-go book downloading.

On all new Kindle devices, battery will final for weeks. Pre-orders are now open, and shipping starts in October.

But a stars of a uncover were a latest Fire HD, and Fire HDX tablets, that both exaggerate brighter, crook displays, a brood of new program facilities included with a latest Fire OS 4 handling system, and softened hardware.

The Fire HDX comes with an 8.9-inch display, that Amazon claims has one million some-more pixels than an iPad Air, sporting in during 309 pixels-per-inch (ppi). It’s also light, and easy to reason — even with one hand — at 13 ounces.

It runs a latest Snapdragon 805 (2.5Ghz) processor, and a graphics section with 75 percent faster graphics than a predecessor. It also comes with 802.11ac Wi-Fi for quick networking speeds. Like with a Kindle Voyage, it comes with Dynamic Lighting Control, that creates a pages of an e-book resemble some-more closely a paper on a book. 

The inscription has a front-facing camera for video calls, and an 8-megapixel back camera, able of 1080p video. 

In a brief hands-on event with a Fire HDX, there’s no doubt it feels like it’s done of plastic. But it does feel stout in a clever shell. And it’s lighter in weight, and thinner — it’s noticeably thin. The shade is razor-sharp, bright, and clever tone depth. It also boasts Dolby Atmos technology, creation it twice as shrill as a iPad Air, and with considerable drum tones, frail vocals, and an altogether abyss to a sound. 

One of a some-more engaging records was a enterprise-focused feature. It comes with WPS Office, an choice to Microsoft’s possess Office suite, that is shipping with all new Fire HDX tablets. Integrated with Amazon’s Cloud Drive (and zero more — no Dropbox, no Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive), it can be a accessible device for on-the-go craving workers. The inscription can run Amazon Workspaces, radically permitting a duplicate of Windows to be run from a cloud on your tablet. It’s quite useful for business users with tradition apps, or exclusive apps that don’t work on platforms other than Windows.

You review that right. You can run a duplicate of Windows 8 on your Fire HDX tablet. Why? Executives pronounced it was in a bid to solve a “pain point,” by using apps on your inscription around Windows that we can’t on other platforms.

It’s a clever contender, yet for a cost tab of $379, it’s cheaper than many tablets for a opening perks it offers, yet it competence still be out of many people’s reach. For a 4G version, it’s labelled during $479.

The Fire HDX 7 will still be accessible for sale, and will also be authorised for a Fire OS 4 program upgrade.

But for those wanting a sub-$100 inscription with a energy punch of a beefier device, Amazon has now dished out a Fire HD 6 and a Fire HD 7, that land with a 6-inch arrangement during $99 and a 7-inch arrangement during $139.

Chief executive Jeff Bezos pronounced in remarks that it was a “most absolute inscription underneath $100.”

Amazon Fire HD 7. (Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive)

The Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 come with a Mediatek 1.5Ghz quad-core processor, a high-definition arrangement (with 252 ppi for a 6-inch tablet, and 216 ppi for a 7-inch tablet), and front and rear-facing cameras.

Both tablets also have a durable Gorilla Glass display, that executives pronounced would be resistant opposite many knocks, bumps, and drops.

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Hands-on with a tablet, it was transparent that a opening would outpace many other tablets during this price-point. When asked on a distinction domain of a tablets, Amazon executives pronounced it was “break even,” with a spirit that many of a income from a device would come from a in-device services and apps it offers with a tablets.

Both tablets come with a preloaded chronicle of Fire OS 4. 

There’s a kids version, too. The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition comes with one difference, a two-year “nearly everything” guarantee. You can all yet lapse a device in earthy pieces, and Amazon will reinstate a inscription with (almost) no questions asked. Water damage? Play-Doh burnished in a ports? Display crushed (the rubber surrounding notwithstanding)? Amazon will reinstate it for free.

“It’s gonna be an experiment,” one executive said. It’s already a rarely durable device, yet it’s “a bit of a dumb idea” to see if it appeals to a parents’ market.

It also comes with a special chronicle of a Fire OS 4 platform, that can be sealed down to forestall app-store purchases, and additional parental controls. Even photos taken with a device are uploaded to a parent’s cloud account.

Pre-orders are now open for a Fire HDX, a Fire HD 6, and a Fire HD 7, and will boat in October.

Also, for both tablets, Amazon touted a capability punch many business and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) users have wanted: a Fire Keyboard. 

Amazon’s Fire Keyboard. (Image: ZDNet/CBS Interactive)

The keyboard works with any device, executives said, including Apple, Android, and Windows-based devices. But it “works best” with a Fire device.

It’s light, yet it’s not even tighten to a continuance one competence design from a unstable keyboard — many of that are done of light-weight aluminum or a stronger plastic. For wish of a improved word, it’s bendy. And not in a good way. Though, notwithstanding a (apparent physical) weakness, a keys feel somewhat textured to type, like you’re typing on a really excellent rubber. The keyboard also comes with a trackpad, creation it easier to navigate around a device. 

The keyboard costs $59.99, yet truthfully there are improved keyboards on a market — even a somewhat some-more pricier devices. It only felt as yet it would mangle distant too simply to suggest it.

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