Aetna to Provide Apple Watch to 50000 Employees, Subsidize Cost for Customers

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Yeah, since what we wish is a word house that marks your health and adjusts your premiums directly on your stats.

Sure, 25% adult front discount, though when they find out your health isn’t good afterwards boom, unexpected we are profitable 50%, 100%, 500% some-more a originally? The a problem is they confirm what good or bad health is, we can be fit though have a teenager heart whimper your watch will collect up, unexpected we are profitable 250% some-more a subsequent time your word is renewed even if your possess alloy says a zero to worry about.

And we competence think, “well we will usually leave Aetna and go to another word company”, usually thing is they are all in cahoots so once they know we are during risk with bad health your annals are common with all word companies and unexpected we can’t means health word anymore anywhere.

And theory what, your employer will have entrance to your health annals and at-risk employees competence unexpected be laid off for whatever reason since a association doesn’t wish people that competence dump passed or be a weight of prolonged tenure incapacity leave in a future.

It amazes me how most people will burst during a selling graduation to get something giveaway or get a viewed assets on cost but meditative one damn notation about a distant motives. NO house wants to acquire reduction income from you, there is ALWAYS an distant distinction mongering intrigue with anything any house does.

Aetna can spin this all they want, a existence is that they will use this information to boost distinction off of at-risk business OR simply cancel at-risk business that infer to have health stats that competence prove destiny guilt to a association when a patron competence indeed need to use their word for health reasons.

In a end, this is nonetheless another miserly classification that is looking to make some-more distinction by violating your remoteness and it is startling that Apple would concede this deliberation how outspoken Apple has been to not collect consumer information for profiteering. But right now Apple usually wants to sell some-more Apple Watches and could caring reduction about your remoteness by permitting apps such as this to tie directly into another corporation’s distinction scheme. Dangle a shiney stone in front of you, unexpected people wish to share their private information with a corporation.

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