Adorable Panda Cub Gets 1st Snow Day in Washington

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Washington, D.C.’s dear panda pup Bao Bao got to play in a sleet for a initial time currently (Jan. 6).

Snow blanketed a nation’s collateral this morning, forcing a Smithsonian’s National Zoo to tighten to a public. But zoo officials thankfully expelled darling footage of a 16-month-old panda cub acrobatics down a snowy slope in her enclosing and pouncing on her mother, Mei Xiang.

You competence also be means to locate Bao Bao and her relatives personification in a white things on a National Zoo’s panda cam.



Bao Bao was innate during a zoo in Aug 2013 and went on open arrangement in Jan 2014. Zoo officials pronounced currently was a initial time a panda got to go outward and knowledge a snow.

Wild giant pandas competence confront sleet in their healthy habitats in China’s ascetic towering forests. Only 4 zoos in a United States have hulk pandas. The ones in warmer locales infrequently emanate synthetic sleet for their bears. For example, in Mar 2013, keepers during a San Diego Zoo blew some-more than 15 tons of shaved ice into a panda enclosure as a provide for a pup Xiao Liwu, afterwards reduction than a year old.

It’s estimated that there are as few as 1,600 pandas left in a wild. Several hundred some-more live in captivity, many of them in China.

Zoos multiply pandas as a approach to investigate and preserve a bears, though a males and females that are interconnected together don’t always partner naturally. Bao Bao was recognised by synthetic insemination with spermatazoa from a National Zoo’s adult masculine Tian Tian. Mei Xiang and Tian Tian’s usually other flourishing cub, Tai Shan, was innate in 2005 and changed to China in 2010. Bao Bao is scheduled to be changed to China after 4 years.

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