A year of President Obama’s travel, mapped

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President Obama is on a highway right now, visiting Kansas after creation a stop in Idaho, his initial revisit to a state. This should not warn you, since a boss travels constantly, both within Washington, D.C., opposite a country, and around a world.

You knew that, of course. You’ve seen photos of Obama with universe leaders, during disaster sites, on vacation. But a scale is incomparable than we competence think. Here, for example, is Obama’s transport only within a Washington area. (The bustling sequence to a southeast of city is Andrews Air Force Base.)

To give as finish a design of Obama’s transport report as possible, we mapped each stop he done in 2014, from Jan to December.


Over a march of a year, according to a estimates, Obama trafficked over 188,000 miles. That’s all movement, from a White House to a State Department or from a White House to Australia.

We’ll begin, reasonably enough, during a beginning.


In January, Obama done discerning trips to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Nothing too exotic.

Total estimated distance: 2,700 miles


The subsequent month, he visited California and a Midwest. He took his initial general trip, a discerning revisit to Mexico.

Total estimated distance: 16,300 miles


In March, Obama trafficked to Massachusetts and Florida, though this large outing enclosed transport to a Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

Total estimated distance: 12,500 miles


Let’s take a second to remind people that a universe is round. This bears mentioning since this is a uncanny map, display some transport in a United States though also, if we lean your head, Southeast Asia. It’s tough to etch transport opposite a globe on a rectangle, as “West Wing” fans might know.

Anyway, in April, Obama trafficked to Japan, Korea, and a Philippines on an extended foray. (In many cases, stops in Alaska that we will see prove refueling of trans-Pacific flights.)

Total estimated distance: 27,300 miles


May. A lot of domestic travel, including Obama’s revisit to Cooperstown, N.Y. You’ll notice lots of California travel; that’s mostly for fundraisers for a Democratic Party. As it incited out, not a useful use of his time.

Total estimated distance: 14,700 miles


In June, Obama visited Europe again — and done a outing to an Indian reservation in North Dakota. The latter is a most some-more surprising outing for any president, that we are acquire to appreciate as we wish.

Total estimated distance: 24,900 miles


July saw some-more domestic travel. Trips to New York are customarily fundraising stops, too, with an difference that we’ll get to in a few months.

Total estimated distance: 17,800 miles


August. Obama spent a large cube of a month on vacation in Massachusetts, that is flattering apparent here. He also done a discerning revisit to North Carolina.

Total estimated distance: 3,400 miles


In September, some-more general travel, this time to a Baltic segment and a United Kingdom. The boss also visited New York City, addressing a annual assembly of a U.N. General Assembly.

Total estimated distance: 15,500 miles


In October, Obama visited a series of states, mostly for fundraising or to accelerate Democratic possibilities in a arriving midterm elections.

Total estimated distance: 16,800 miles


(Remember that thing about a universe being round?)

After a midterms, Obama motionless to get out of Dodge, creation a prolonged outing to Southeast Asia and Australia. That outing was expensive.

Total estimated distance: 28,800 miles


Finally, December. Obama sealed out a year, as we might recall, with a outing to Hawaii. The widen during a finish of 2014 was a longest he went but any events or travel.

Total estimated distance: 7,200 miles

And then, when Jan rolled around, he was behind on Air Force One.

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