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So I browse youtube a lot. Maybe more than is healthy. I love it. I’m addicted. How can I say no to spending hours upon hours of my life watching videos of cats jumping into boxes and sliding around on the floor on endless repeat? One thing I’ve picked up on in all my time spent on the website is viral=power. Antoine Dodson of “Bedroom Intruder” fame now has about a million parody videos and songs and, essentially, has become a meme. I noticed several people dressed up as him for halloween. Furthermore, the folks at autotune the news- the people who composed the original “Bedroom Intruder” song- have redirected some the money they earn for each purchase of the song to not only go to charity, but also to the Dodson family themselves. Like I said. Viral = Power.

Now what does this mean? Well, a couple weeks ago or so I stumbled upon a video called “United Breaks Guitars”. It’s a comedic country song about one man’s experience on United Airlines where he noticed employees of the Airlines mishandling his guitars, eventually resulting in a break in the base or neck of it(not sure which). When he tried to get help for this and reparations, he was shot down. So, he did what any musician would do when going through some troubles or after having a bad experience- he wrote a song about it. Normally, this wouldn’t mean anything. His band wasn’t well-known, and he probably isn’t that well known now. However, he didn’t just play this angsty comedic country song in a small Texas bar. He posted it on Youtube. It now has over 11 Million views. That’s 11 Million people that would probably consider switching their airline of choice after hearing this song.

Again. Viral=Power. Everyone- And I mean EVERYONE- now has the tools necessary to make a distinct impact on your market. Social Media has power. Influencer marketing is justified. If you think it isn’t then you definitely need to check again.

Want to know more about word of mouth influence, word of mouth advertising, and influencer marketing? Just shoot me an email at ericb2204@gmail.com

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