A Wearable ‘Pokémon Go’ Device Is Set To Launch Next Week

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For all the Pokémon Go lovers who are looking to amplify their monster-hunting game, good news: Pokémon Go Plus, Nintendo’s wearable accessory, will be accessible Sept. 16.

The developer, Niantic Labs, announced a a wearable device will be accessible in “most countries” subsequent week.

Pokémon Go Plus was ostensible to be launched in July, though a association pushed behind a recover but giving a reason, according to The Verge. The device is presumably sole out during both Amazon and Gamestop.

The $35 device works around Bluetooth Smart—a low appetite tie that’s designed for health and aptness apps. It vibrates and lights adult when Pokémon and Pokéstops are near, and can be ragged on a user’s wrist or as a pin.

Its goal, according to Niantic, is to “blend Pokémon Go even some-more seamlessly into family and aptness activities.” Players will be means to collect Pokémon regulating Pokémon Go Plus instead of regulating a app on their phone .

And maybe that’s for a best. Pokémon Go has been criticized for causing distractions, generally after one 15-year-old teen crossed a bustling highway and was hit by a car when posterior a Pokémon, and dual group walked off a cliff in California while personification a game.

The diversion has also been blamed for causing robberies and amiable injuries, and a prior news pronounced it has caused a swell in trespassing.


The Verge reports that nonetheless widely still popular, a game’s recognition has dipped given the launch, dropping from 45 million active users in late Jul to 30 million in mid-August.

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