A Scout’s Take on a NFC Divisional Matchup Between a Cowboys and Packers

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The NFC local playoff diversion between a Dallas Cowboys and a Green Bay Packers during Lambeau Field on Sunday afternoon looks to be a good game.

Both teams won their particular groups and finished with matching 12-4 records. The Packers have a home-field advantage over a Cowboys since they had a softened record in a NFC.

Quarterback Tony Romo of a Cowboys led a NFL with a 113.2 passer rating. His reflection in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers, was second with a 112.2 rating.

In terms of altogether numbers, Rodgers has a advantage. No. 12 threw 38 touchdown passes contra only 5 interceptions for 4,381 yards. Romo threw 34 touchdown passes contra 9 picks for 3,705 yards.

Both teams have good using backs as well. DeMarco Murray of a Cowboys led a NFL in rushing with 1,845 yards, and he had 13 touchdowns. Eddie Lacy of a Packers had 1,139 yards rushing and 9 touchdowns.

Both players make large contributions in a flitting diversion as well.

Speaking of a flitting game, 3 of a softened far-reaching receivers in a NFL will be personification in this game. Dez Bryant of a Cowboys had 88 catches for 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns (which led a NFL).

Meanwhile, a Packers have a energetic twin in Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb. Nelson had 98 receptions for 1,519 yards and 13 touchdowns, while Cobb had 91 catches for 1,287 and 12 touchdowns.

Both a Cowboys and a Packers have defenses that are many softened over final season. The Packers generally have been many softened a final half of a 2014 season.

That’s since we wanted to get a take on a diversion from one of a best in a business, scout Chris Landry. Landry was on 620 WDAE’s Steve Duemig Show on Friday, that was hosted by Steve Carney for a initial hour.

The initial thing we asked Landry was about a alleviation of a run invulnerability of a Packers over a second half of a season, when a group changed outward linebacker Clay Matthews inside during times and also increasing a personification time of Sam Barrington during inside linebacker.

I mentioned that if a Packers can minimize a efficacy of using behind DeMarco Murray, afterwards they can go concentration on going after Romo and his sore back.

“I design Dom Capers to occupy some run-blitzes and try to get that downhill using diversion going aside a small bit,” Landry said. “That’s a key. If we demeanour during a Cowboys, if they run a football for 34 [minutes] time of possession, afterwards they win a game.

“If they [the Packers] keep it down to 28 or 29, afterwards we have a good possibility of violence them. But if they are using a football and determining a game, afterwards that substantially means they are winning a game.

“I consider that if it gets into a shootout, we consider Dallas can win it, though it’s going to be some-more formidable for them. [Running a football] is what has done Dallas successful, generally their defense. Because their invulnerability is personification 15-18 snaps fewer a game, that is gripping them fresher.

“And nonetheless this is not a really good Dallas defense, it’s really well-coached by former Bucs manager Rod Marinelli, and they are branch a round over, formulating some turnovers. Those are things to demeanour brazen to as distant as keys in this diversion for a Packers and Cowboys to have success.”

I afterwards asked Landry about a good success that using behind Eddie Lacy of a Packers has had late in a deteriorate a final integrate of years as good as a 141 yards rushing he had opposite a Cowboys final season.

“It’s since he’s a downhill back. He’s a earthy back,” Landry said. “That’s a approach we wish to run in a cold weather. Sometimes a balance is not as good, since a weed is asleep or is passed in some cases where it gets chewed up, so it’s worse to cut in some cases. And that’s since he is so really good.”

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Like all games, generally playoff games, a diversion could hinge on a volume of turnovers. Landry talked about that theme as well.

“Turnovers are always important. The Packers lead a NFL with a plus-14 turnover margin,” Landry said. “And Dallas is a small some-more mistake-prone. we consider determining a line of struggle and winning a turnover domain is going to be key.”

The Cowboys and Packers have dual of a softened descent lines in a NFL now. The Packers were sixth in sum offense this year in a league, while a Cowboys were seventh.

As Landry said, a Packers were first in a NFL in turnover-margin statistics, while a Cowboys were ranked ninth with a plus-nine turnover margin.

The Cowboys also mislaid twice as many fumbles (14) as a Packers did in 2014.

Based on those statistics, a Packers demeanour to be in good figure for Sunday’s diversion opposite a Cowboys. But a group also has to play as good during home on Sunday as it did in a unchanging deteriorate when it was 8-0 during home. Why?

Dallas was 8-0 on a road.

The Packers outscored their opponents by a 318-to-163 domain during Lambeau. Rodgers also threw 25 touchdown passes though throwing any interceptions during home this season.

The Packers need some-more of a same on Sunday. The Cowboys know how tough it is to win in Green Bay. The Boys had a bad knowledge a final time they played during Lambeau Field in 2010, when they were churned by a Packers 45-7.

Dallas had 4 turnovers in that game, and Green Bay had none.

The Packers went on to win Super Bowl XLV after that season—at a home of a Cowboys, coincidentally.

Time will tell what happens on Sunday, though we determine with Landry and his keys for a game. The group that best controls a line of struggle and wins a turnover conflict will many expected win this game.

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