A unpleasant sign of only how bad a iPhone 7’s battery life is

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Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were expelled only dual weeks ago, yet dual weeks has been some-more than adequate time for users to get a feel for a phones’ strengths and weaknesses. And as it turns out, they have distant some-more strengths than weaknesses. Apple’s next-gen iPhones are a many absolute smartphones on a planet, and they’ve been softened in scarcely any approach compared to final year’s iPhone models. There’s one pivotal area where a latest iPhone models aren’t category leaders though, and unfortunately it’s an area where Apple’s iPhone lineup is in unfortunate need of improvement: Battery life.

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A recent test performed by UK-based tool contrast organisation Which? reliable what Apple fans all already knew yet have attempted their hardest to forget — a iPhone 7 has terrible battery life.

Apple claimed on theatre that a new 4.7-inch iPhone 7 offers adult to dual additional hours of battery life compared to final year’s iPhone 6s, and tests have really shown an alleviation in this pivotal area. But even with improvements over final year’s iPhone, a iPhone 7 still falls embarrassingly brief of opposition handsets where battery opening is concerned.

Which? ran tests that compared Apple’s iPhone 7 to a latest flagship phones from 3 of Apple’s tip rivals, and a formula weren’t pretty. The firm’s testing sought to establish accurately how prolonged any phone’s battery would final while creation voice calls and while browsing a web, both regulating 3G. Apple’s iPhone 7 came in passed final in both tests. The web browsing exam was during slightest tighten yet a voice call contrast was ridiculous, with Apple’s handset durability reduction than half as prolonged as any other phone.

We covered a formula of this exam final week, yet it bears revisiting since battery life is so critical to smartphone users and with any new smartphone generation, Apple falls serve behind. We’ve already determined that Apple values pattern and thinness distant some-more than it values battery longevity, yet we’re removing to a indicate where Apple’s adore event with skinny iPhones goes opposite a company’s bent to put users’ needs first.

Next year, Apple is approaching to recover totally redesigned iPhones. Details surrounding Apple’s iPhone 8 have already begun to drip in, and some of a new facilities we’re awaiting sound fantastic. But we also wish 2017 is a year Apple finally starts to locate adult to rivals where battery life is concerned, since Apple’s stream resolution to a problem is a appalling battery case. What’s a indicate of conceptualizing thin, beautiful smartphones if we afterwards wish users to completely hurt a pattern with an inhuman battery case?

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