A beam to what Ted Cruz unequivocally believes

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) speaks during a CNBC primary discuss in Boulder in October. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is winning renewed courtesy from both electorate and pundits, many of whom see a claimant who shares a few positions with front-runner Donald Trump yet has some-more knowledge and imagination in politics.

Cruz and Trump do determine on some issues, quite immigration. In general, though, Cruz is some-more regressive than Trump — and a rest of a Republican field, for that matter.

In a sense, he has turn a claimant that many observers approaching would benefaction a many critical plea to a GOP investiture in a presidential primary. He offers a kind of ideological coherence — with a integrate of vivid exceptions — that many pundits suspicion antagonistic electorate would demeanour for in a Republican candidate, until Trump stole a uncover by mixing assuage and impassioned opinions.

Here is a demeanour during where Cruz stands on a issues.


Immigration has turn a widespread emanate in a GOP primary so far, and Cruz and Trump see this doubt a same way. Like Trump, Cruz wants to end birthright citizenship. He would deliver a inherent amendment denying citizenship to children innate to parents who are in a United States illegally.

Cruz would also triple a series of extent unit agents during a Mexican border, quadruple a series of aircraft during their ordering and build some-more extent fencing, according to a devise published by his campaign.

[Fewer immigrants are entering a U.S. illegally, and that’s altered a extent confidence debate]

Unlike Trump, who has pronounced he would expatriate a 11 million migrants who are in a nation illegally, Cruz has ducked questions on that issue, job it “a distraction.” But he has done proposals that would make it harder for them to stay in a United States. As president, Cruz would ask Congress to entrust internal law coercion as immigration agents, giving troops officers and sheriff’s deputies a management to make sovereign laws opposite undocumented immigrants.

Cruz, whose father immigrated legally from Cuba in 1957, has also due legislation that would bar many migrants journey a polite fight in Syria. He’d acknowledge those who are members of persecuted minorities, essentially Christians. “There is no suggestive risk of Christians committing acts of terror,” Cruz pronounced final month.

Foreign policy

Beyond immigration, though, Cruz and Trump diverge. Cruz advocates a calm unfamiliar policy, quite with courtesy to troops involvement in a Middle East.

“If we demeanour during President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and for that matter some of a some-more assertive Washington neo-cons, they have consistently misperceived a hazard of radical Islamic terrorism and have advocated troops adventurism that has had a outcome of benefiting radical Islamic terrorists,” Cruz recently told Bloomberg.

Trump is distant some-more bellicose.

“I would explosve a s— out of them,” he said final month in Fort Dodge, Iowa. “I would only explosve those suckers. And that’s right: I’d blow adult a pipes, I’d blow adult a refineries. we would blow adult each singular inch. There would be zero left.”

Cruz’s antithesis to “adventurism” also contrasts with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), another heading contender for a nomination, and many of a rest of a field. That includes Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who many observers suspicion would counsel opposite troops interventions abroad as did his libertarian father, Ron Paul. The younger Paul, though, has taken a harder line toward Iran.


Cruz also disagrees with most of a Republican field, including Trump and Rubio, on surveillance. Cruz’s priority is safeguarding Americans’ remoteness from supervision snooping. He doesn’t cruise a National Security Agency should collect metadata on phone calls and voted to extent a agency’s management in June. Other possibilities have criticized him and Paul, who pronounced that legislation didn’t go distant adequate to strengthen polite liberties and voted opposite it, for their positions. Jeb Bush, a former administrator of Florida, told “Fox and Friends” final week he suspicion Cruz’s vote was misguided.

As for Trump, he has done transparent that he is peaceful to cruise impassioned measures to guard Americans and forestall militant attacks, including registering all Muslims in a inhabitant database.


Cruz has due a kind of national sales tax identical to those levied in European countries. He would reinstate a corporate taxation with a 19 percent value-added taxation or VAT, that businesses during opposite links in a supply sequence compensate on their purchases. To cover a sum costs of profitable a tax, firms would have to assign consumers some-more for their products.

Under Cruz’s plan, all particular taxpayers would compensate a prosaic 10 percent rate on all their income, that would consecrate a vast rebate in taxes for a wealthy. Less abundant households would also compensate rebate in taxes, yet a VAT would boost a cost of vital for them, generally for bad and middle-class families who spend a incomparable share of their income on products and services.

Many regressive economists preference a VAT because, distinct an income taxation or a taxation on collateral gains, it does not reprove people for operative some-more or for saving money. The taxation encourages effort, investment and frugality. That said, other regressive thinkers oppose a VAT because a complexity prevents electorate from bargain how most they are profitable in taxes.

Discretionary spending

According to a Tax Foundation, a inactive cruise tank, Cruz’s taxation devise would cost a supervision $768 billion in income over 10 years, money that would be combined to a inhabitant debt — unless, as president, Cruz found a approach to revoke supervision spending.

To that end, Cruz due expelling 5 vital sovereign agencies and creation “$500 billion in specific cuts” to a budget. Yet while a request published by his debate offers a minute critique of a series of departments and programs a senator sees as wasteful, it includes no specific cuts, nor an accounting of how Cruz would arrive during a rebate of $500 billion in spending.

The 5 vast agencies he would discharge are a Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, and a Internal Revenue Service. Since it is also misleading either a functions of these departments would be eliminated to other agencies or either they would stop entirely, it is formidable to contend what Cruz’s skeleton for a bill would meant for typical people.


The other vital member of sovereign spending is a income spent on Social Security, Medicare, and entitlements. Cruz has praised President George W. Bush’s devise to partially privatize Social Security, permitting younger workers to compensate rebate in taxes and instead deposit a income in accounts underneath their control. He would not change Social Security for stream retirees. Trump, by contrast, opposes changes to Social Security.

[Debate over Medicare, Social Security, other sovereign advantages divides GOP]

It might be value noting, as does Vox’s Matthew Yglesias, that things would turn almost some-more costly for many stream retirees underneath Cruz’s taxation plan. Retirees would not advantage from his prosaic 10 percent rate on particular income, given they have small income anyway. At a same time, they would compensate almost some-more for daily necessities given of a value-added tax.

Monetary policy

Finally, a essential doubt for a subsequent boss will be selecting a right people for a Federal Reserve. While presidents do not control a executive bank directly, they designate a experts who make decisions about seductiveness rates and inflation.

It is formidable to know what Cruz thinks about these issues, given he has done apparently paradoxical statements about them. In general, Cruz favors a lapse to the bullion standard. As Greg Ip explains in a Wall Street Journal, executive banks conduct crises by shortening a cost of banking with low seductiveness rates, and basing a dollar on a cost of bullion would almost extent a ability of a Federal Reserve to respond to a catastrophe.

[Cruz operatives sensitively try to cook Rand Paul voters]

Cruz’s operatives are sensitively reaching out to Rand Paul’s early supporters and endorsers, creation a box that a Texas senator is their best gamble if they wish a Republican hopeful who is accessible to libertarians.

Recently, though, Cruz has also pronounced he believes a Federal Reserve did not do enough to kindle a economy during a new financial crisis. Had a nation been on a bullion customary during a time, a Federal Reserve would have been means to do even less. As a Federal Reserve reduced seductiveness rates, speculators could have demanded bullion from a executive bank in sell for money as a sidestep opposite a acceleration in prices it was perplexing to produce, counteracting policymakers’ attempts to jar a stalling economy behind into motion.

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