6 Things You Can Only Learn From Seeing a Harry Potter Play

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Harry Potter and a Cursed Child.

The two-part Harry Potter and a Cursed Child play has been enchanting audiences given preview performances began in Jun during a West End’s Palace Theatre in London.

Fans all over a universe are fervent to learn what happens in a eighth story of a Boy Who Lived, combined by J.K. Rowling, playwright Jack Thorne and executive John Tiffany. The uncover will strictly premiere on Jul 30—the day before a book is scheduled to be released in book format. TIME recently saw a play in London and can give we a closer demeanour during what propitious audiences — and readers — can design to learn about a wizarding world.

1. The scold diction of Voldemort: The spook of He-Who- Must-Not-Be-Named hangs over Harry Potter and a Cursed Child like rainclouds over a British summer. But what competence generally amour Potterheads is a approach his name is conspicuous — it’s “Vol-der-more.” In other words, a wordless ‘t.’ This won’t come as a warn to those who follow J.K. Rowling’s Twitter feed and saw her communication with a fan on a theme final year. At a time she admitted, “I’m flattering certain I’m a usually chairman who pronounces it that way.”

2. How awful a Dementor unequivocally is: The soul-sucking Dementors, fearsome guards of Azkaban, never seemed a many appealing of companions; they’re described as carrying skin imitative “a grey rotting body.” However, when they seem in Cursed Child we get a spine-chilling clarity of only how terrifying a blighters can be, as they soar over a audience’s heads before swooping down on bad benighted… Ah, now that would be telling.

3. Draco Malfoy rocks a male bun: Harry’s ultimate ‘frenemy’ has grown into a correct cockney tough male in a past 19 years. But rather than a normal hairless demeanour he’s instead grown his heading blond thatch into a palatable ponytail. This reflects a clearly softer side that’s suggested to a male some-more famous for searching than sonnets, as he rhapsodises over mother Astoria.

4. Gentrification has reached Godric’s Hollow: Harry’s once common birthplace, a tiny encampment in a West Country of England, has — like so many of a immature and pleasing land — been theme to a impetus of a center classes. Magical historian Bathilda Bagshot competence still leave her doorway unlocked, though with a smart farmer’s marketplace turn a dilemma who knows what her thatched lodge competence now be worth?

5. Harry Potter is frightened of pigeons: During a touching stage when Harry is comforting his son Albus, he admits that he too has fears. These embody a dark, cramped spaces and, umm… pigeons. That’s right, a clearly purposeless and positively submissive grey birds that burden adult city squares a universe over frighten one of literature’s many famous heroes.

6. J.K. Rowling is a master manipulator: The consummate of Toy Story 3 became eminent for a ability to revoke a toughest of group to waving wrecks, and Cursed Child has a not separate outcome on a hoards of aficionados make-up a stalls of a Palace Theatre. We won’t exhibit a means of a romantic surge, though trust us when we contend it’s a correct gut-punch and creates a vast supply of Kleenex mandatory.

—with stating by Theo Bosanquet / London

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