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5 High-Paying Jobs That Will Make You Miserable

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If we consider that a fat income is all we need to be happy, consider again. Many high-paid professions are also high-stress—and rarely expected to lead to misery.

In a new discourse Doctored: The Disillusionment of an American Physician, Sandeep Jauhur does a lot some-more than snippet his possess restlessness with a medical profession. The cardiologist creates a box that doctors, once a proud, well-paid, delighted pillars of communities around a country, are deeply unfortunate with what’s been function in a margin of medicine—and that many bewail going into a profession. He points to information such as a consult in that customarily 6% of physicians described spirit on a pursuit as positive, and in an mention recently published in a Wall Street Journal, Jauhur references a quotes of other doctors venting their frustrations with their choice of career:

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