4 workers killed after Houston-area chemical leak

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Four workers were killed and one was harmed Saturday during a dangerous chemical trickle during a suburban Houston industrial plant, DuPont officials said.

The chemical, methyl mercaptan, began leaking around 4 a.m. in a section during a DuPont plant in La Porte, about 20 miles easterly of Houston. Plant officials pronounced a recover was contained by 6 a.m.

Several employees had responded to a trickle when they were unprotected to a chemical, plant manager Randall Clements pronounced in a statement.

“There are no difference to entirely demonstrate a detriment we feel or a regard and magnetism we extend to a families of a employees and their co-workers,” Clements said. “We are in tighten hold with them and providing them each magnitude of support and assistance during this time.”

A fifth workman was hospitalized and being hold for observation. That worker’s condition was not immediately known, and nothing of a victims was immediately identified.

Methyl mercaptan was used during a plant to emanate crop-protection products such as insecticides and fungicides, according to DuPont. The means of a trickle was not immediately known.

Clements pronounced DuPont would be auxiliary with local, state and sovereign officials questioning a leak.

“As partial of that investigation, we are conducting a possess top-to-bottom examination of this occurrence and we will share what we learn with a applicable authorities,” he said.

Jeff Suggs, puncture government coordinator for La Porte, pronounced a chemical recover was not poisonous for those vital nearby, though that it caused a smell that’s identical to decaying eggs.

“It’s a bother smell in a area. It’s a smell that’s trafficked utterly far,” Suggs said.

Methyl mercaptan is also ordinarily used to odorize healthy gas — that has no fragrance — for reserve purposes.

The La Porte plant has 320 DuPont employees. Four other companies are also tenants during a complex.

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