3 Millennial Women Who Voted for Donald Trump

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From Cosmopolitan

While Hillary Clinton won a renouned vote, a initial womanlike presidential claimant didn’t totally win over all women. According to a CNN exit poll, 42 percent of women voted for Donald Trump – and a infancy of white women, during 53 percent, voted for him – that means Trump had womanlike support all along.

Three Millennial women who voted for Trump spoke with Cosmopolitan.com about since they motionless to opinion a approach they did, how we can be a feminist and still opinion for Trump, and what they’re looking brazen to underneath a Trump administration.

Randi Schneider is a 23-year-old lady vital in Texas, who feels she’s partial of a new era of “Millennial Republicans” who voted for Trump.

Do we typically brand as a Republican?

I’m really a Republican. But we cruise there’s a new celebration that hasn’t been named – Millennial Republicans. We support many amicable issues though we are Republican in a faith systems.

What do we meant by “Republican in your faith systems”?

I’m really pro-life. we don’t cruise Roe v. Wade should be overturned, though we did not wish to see late-term abortions happen. we know a transgender lavatory emanate is huffy and we see it from both sides. It’s really discriminatory opposite a transgender people though also it is discriminatory opposite Christians who are opposite it.

And immigration. In my tiny city in Texas, [I know someone who] literally came over by a hole in a wall. So we do cruise something needs to be finished about that.

Can we explain what we meant by “pro-life though do not cruise Roe v. Wade should be overturned”?

I would have a tough time if any of my family members or friends had one. I’m opposite it though it is what it is. we wouldn’t wish to see [Roe v. Wade] overturned during all. we don’t cruise it will be possibly – no matter what he threatens.

How did we urge yourself to people who criticized we as a lady voting for Trump?

I contend we don’t support Trump, we support a Republican Party. As terrible as it was carrying to opinion for Trump, we were voting for a whole party, not only him.

Do we wish to see a lady boss in your lifetime?

Oh, definitely. Millennial women my age, we didn’t support Hillary generally since we know there will be a lady boss and we only don’t wish it to be her.

Would we call yourself a feminist?

I’m in a middle. When we cruise of feminists, we cruise of extremism and afterwards I’m like, “No.” But we hatred unsymmetrical pay. we hatred that we’re discriminated opposite for maternity leave. So, yeah, we theory I’m a feminist.

What are we looking brazen to underneath a Trump presidency?

Stricter immigration. And guns. we knew Hillary wasn’t going to take divided a guns though she did wish to anathema attack rifles.

Do we cruise that liberal, Millennial women are overreacting to a choosing results?

I don’t cruise they’re fussy or are too upset. we totally understand. we cruise maybe we should try to pierce on. we only hatred a protests. we cruise it’s dividing a nation more. we don’t cruise feeling romantic about it is wrong during all; we cruise a earthy actions that are function are wrong.

Sarah Joy* is a 27-year-old from Texas who asked to sojourn unknown since she’s a passionate attack survivor.

Do we customarily opinion Republican?

My views typically align with Republican views. But I’m able of meditative for myself and we don’t trust in only voting one approach since we were lifted to.

I voted for Ted Cruz [in a primary] since we felt like he had a best possibility to kick Trump. we cruise that says a lot about my antipathy for Trump.

Why did we confirm to opinion for Trump if we didn’t like him?

It came down to a “lesser evil” question.

I was raped by opposite men, during opposite times in my life. we felt a justification was that Trump’s been in a open eye for a prolonged time and people were only now entrance brazen with a stronger accusations opposite him. Whereas my whole life, we have compared Hillary Clinton and her father with people who try to cover adult abuse.

The initial time we told someone [about my rapes], that chairman abashed me and said, “This is an ungainly subject; don’t pronounce to anyone about it.” It was an comparison lady who pronounced that to me.

It’s harder for me to opinion to give a lady – who has potentially abashed other women who have been victims like we am – some-more power. we don’t feel many improved about Trump carrying power; however, his actions seem singular to words.

To make certain we understand, it was your feeling that voting for a lady – Hillary Clinton – who potentially abashed other women into staying wordless was worse than voting for a male – Donald Trump – who potentially committed tangible assaults?

This choosing was hapless on all sides. we wish a lady boss though we do not wish a initial lady boss to be one that creates us take a step behind in terms of empowerment. The some-more critical emanate is women ancillary other women.

Are we disturbed about any of a rape accusations opposite Trump being substantiated?

I am somewhat comforted by a fact that any task we did suggested that it’s all recent, so my request is that they’re unfounded. Rape should not be something that we use as a strategy tactic. we cruise one woman, we haven’t looked into it enough, might have been [making accusations] to bluster Trump and assistance Clinton.

Do we cruise yourself to be a feminist?

I do.

Have we seen people observant that we can’t be feminist and also opinion for Trump?

I have. we have friends posting articles about how, if you’re a self-respecting woman, we can't opinion for Trump. we feel like that perpetuates a degrading enlightenment of “if we have this experience, we have to cruise this same approach we do.”

What was a many formidable partial about voting for Trump?

The recording where he pronounced something [about] 20 years ago about grabbing a lady by a P-word. we won’t contend it. At that point, it felt like collect your poison. Either approach we chose, you’re contributing to a enlightenment that silences rape survivors.

What are some things we like about Trump that don’t feel like a pick-your-poison form of thing?

He really creates me shaken though somebody done a indicate to me that change is always hard. I’m anticipating that, as someone who’s been a businessman and doesn’t indispensably have a certain volume of seductiveness in politics, something opposite will work this time.

Grecia Hernández is a 23-year-old connoisseur tyro vital in Florida who felt people perspective her feeble as a young, Latina lady who voted for Trump.

How was this choosing opposite from prior elections?

Saying that you’re ancillary Trump caused people to have a really disastrous perspective of you. They automatically categorized we as possibly anti-immigrant, racist, or sexist, and that was really anti-American.

I’m Latina. I’m creatively from Honduras though we was lifted here – we brand some-more as American. This is my culture, this is my country.

There are people who come here illegally and it’s astray to a people like me. The routine that my family took [when we immigrated to America] is a prolonged routine and it’s a lot of money. It’s astray to a people that go by that routine for bootleg immigrants to come and do as they please.

I know since a Hispanic village felt annoyed by a comments Trump done though he wasn’t articulate about each singular Hispanic person. I’m Hispanic and we feel like I’m an item to this country. I’m in grad propagandize right now and I’m perplexing to pursue a pursuit in inhabitant security.

Which comments are we referring to?

What he pronounced about Mexicans channel a limit was one of a initial things that caused a Hispanic village to feel offended. But Trump was referring to immigrants that come [across a U.S.-Mexico border] that are criminals and are bringing drugs. He wasn’t referring to all Mexicans. The people violating a law – they should go back. What’s a indicate of carrying them here when they’re not even respecting a laws of this country?

Did we feel like we faced recoil for voting for Trump since we are a woman?

Definitely. People see me differently only since we was ancillary him.

How did we clear your opinion to people who pronounced “women shouldn’t opinion for Trump?”

The comments he done about women, he done them over 10 years ago. [Those comments] were wrong and descent – only how it would be descent for women to demonstrate themselves like that about men.

You watch Sex and a City and they pronounce about group only a approach Trump spoke about women in that tape. At a finish of a day, it’s wrong and offensive, though he apologized. As a lady who was lifted with a lot of men, I’ve listened comments like that before. I’m not observant it’s OK. I’m only observant that doesn’t give me a reason not to like him.

Do we feel like people were generally judgmental of we since you’re a Latina lady voting for Trump?

Definitely. It was some-more since we am a Latina that people couldn’t trust we was ancillary him.

Where we work, there’s another lady who’s a Caucasian womanlike and she voted for Trump. She wasn’t seen as negatively as we was since we am Latina. Being a Latina lady was a many formidable partial of this election.

What do we demeanour brazen to many underneath Trump’s administration?

A change. we feel like he will move something opposite and hopefully something positive. The people who are opposite Trump wish to see him destroy and that’s terrible since we’re all Americans. We wish this nation to continue being a best in a world.

These interviews have been edited and precipitated for clarity.

*Name has been changed.

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