17 Shots: Police Killing of Unarmed Mexican Farmworker in Washington State …

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AMY GOODMAN: After a subsequent segment, we’ll speak about Governor Scott Walker comparing unions to a self-proclaimed Islamic State. But first, this.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, for a second time in about dual weeks, a Mexican supervision has voiced snub over troops shootings of unarmed immigrants by troops officers in a United States. Mexican authorities contend troops in Grapevine, Texas, disregarded a decades-old covenant by watchful 4 days to surprise them of a murdering of Rubén García Villalpando. Police contend they shot García early Saturday morning during a trade stop, after he defied orders to hindrance and walked toward a section automobile with his hands in a air. García’s profession and a internal romantic described their criticism of a sharpened to news hire KDFW.

CARLOS QUINTANILLA: When a officers said, “Don’t move, mom F,” he stayed there. And for one reason or another, Rubén starts to travel towards a troops officer, and that one second passed, and a officer dismissed twice—pop, pop—and Rubén was dead.

DOMINGO GARCIA: When this video is released, we will uncover that there is a man, who has no before rapist record, a mother and 4 children, who puts his hands on his head, and is shot by twice given he asked a officer to provide him with honour and grace and not to be job him “mother F,” mixed times.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: The sharpened in Texas comes usually 10 days after a troops murdering of Antonio Zambrano-Montes in Pasco, Washington. Zambrano was reportedly throwing rocks during troops officers when he was killed. The occurrence happened during a bustling intersection. Several eyewitnesses available cellphone video that shows Zambrano branch to face police, lifting his hands before he’s shot. On Thursday, authorities reliable how many times they dismissed during Zambrano. This is Sergeant Ken Lattin of a Kennewick County Police Department.

SGT. KEN LATTIN: Ultimately—this was a doubt that we had had—we’ve dynamic that they dismissed their weapons 17 times. Seventeen rounds were fired. Of those, 5 or 6 rounds struck Mr. Zambrano. We contend 5 or 6 rounds given there’s apparently been dual autopsies: one by—conducted by a medical questioner that was brought in by a coroner, and then, as Mr. Sant specified final week, a physique was expelled to a family, they brought in their possess eccentric pathologist to do an autopsy. And so, those formula of both autopsies are not nonetheless complete. Without going into any arrange of hideous detail, it’s not easy to determine, when we demeanour during entrance wounds and exit wounds, for sure, how many rounds.

AMY GOODMAN: The Pasco troops also pronounced Zambrano was not shot in a back, contradicting an eccentric autopsy by a victim’s family that found dual entrance wounds on a behind of his body—one on a behind his right arm and another in his buttocks. Zambrano’s family has now hired a profession for Michael Brown’s family in Ferguson, Missouri, Benjamin Crump, who visited Pasco to accommodate with them this week. Pasco is about, oh, three-and-a-half hours southeast of Seattle.

All of this comes as a Mexican supervision reports 75 Mexicans have been killed by law officers in a United States given 2006.

For more, we go to Pasco, Washington, where we’re assimilated by Felix Vargas, a authority of Consejo Latino, a organisation of internal businessmen in Pasco who are operative with Zambrano’s family and assisting to call for probity in his sharpened death. Vargas is a late U.S. diplomat and Army colonel.

And we’re assimilated in Seattle by Jennifer Shaw, emissary executive of a American Civil Liberties Union of Washington state and a member of a Community Police Commission in Seattle. She wrote a minute propelling a Justice Department to launch an examination into a deadly troops sharpened of Antonio Zambrano-Montes in Pasco, observant a internal troops examine is needlessly focusing on his activities before to a incident.

We acquire we both to Democracy Now! Let’s go directly to Pasco. Felix Vargas, explain what happened and a fact there’s so most video of this. It was during rush hour?

FELIX VARGAS: Yes, it was. A swarming intersection, downtown Pasco, a lady is seen throwing rocks during cars. Police are called. There’s a teenager scuffle. And afterwards we see a lady regulating opposite a travel divided from a police. The troops pull their weapons and glow an initial bombardment of shots during him. It appears that they strike him. He gets to a other side of a street, he turns left, heads west. The troops are in office of him, three, 4 yards behind him. He’s wounded. He turns around, appears to lift his arms up. He does not have a blade or a gun in his hand. And afterwards he is effectively executed by a second bombardment of shots. In all, as we said, 17 shots were fired. The initial autopsy shows that 5 to 6 rounds finished impact. We have a second autopsy, that was achieved by a family’s debate examiner, and that shows 7 to 8 impacts on a body. So, that is what has happened. It has unequivocally uneasy this village as never before.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Mr. Vargas, what has been so distant a greeting of internal authorities in terms of a troops officers involved?

FELIX VARGAS: Well, a authorities have betrothed to secrete visualisation until a troops examination of a troops sharpened takes place. There’s a special inquisitive unit, that is set up, incompatible a appearance by a Pasco police. But that sold section is articulate to witnesses and doing their possess investigation. They do stress that this will be an impartial, design investigation. That is unequivocally a process, after that a Franklin County prosecutor will establish if there are sufficient drift to levy charges opposite a 3 troops shooters, and afterwards a box will go to trial. There’s also a call for a coroner’s inquisition after this sold investigation. It is simply not a convincing investigation—I need to supplement that.

AMY GOODMAN: Why isn’t it credible?

FELIX VARGAS: It’s not convincing given it involves a organisation of troops officers, who are brothers in uniform of a perpetrators of a shooting. It is not convincing given in a final 6 months we’ve had 4 incidents, including this one; in a 3 before incidents, a troops have been exonerated. There is one other instance of a sharpened here 6 months ago of a immature male also who suffered from mental illness, as did Antonio Zambrano, and also suffered from piece abuse—similar circumstances, again, shot with excessive—by extreme use of force here by a police. There is an fundamental dispute of seductiveness here whenever we have a troops classification questioning a own. We need a higher-level examination here, and that can usually come from a Department of Justice here, that the—you know, that a village can have some reasonable drift to trust that it will be independent. So, it’s critical that we have this.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And in terms of a ubiquitous state of family in your partial of a state, there’s been, obviously, a flourishing race of Mexican, generally Mexican, race as a outcome of a vast cultivation there in a area. Can we speak about a state of family in Washington?

FELIX VARGAS: Well, a state of family is unequivocally utterly good. We do have a city of 68,000, 60 percent of that are Hispanic. They’re drawn here essentially given of a unequivocally colourful rural economy that we have here. And we unequivocally haven’t had any incidents. There is some confusion with a police, given they don’t have adequate approved denunciation speakers. It is a troops finished adult essentially of Anglo policemen. So, a family are cordial. we wouldn’t contend they’re warm. We have, as an organization, attempted to urge that attribute and to build certainty within a village towards a troops force. We met with a troops arch dual weeks before a occurrence to examination his policies and procedures and to assure ourselves that we will not have an occurrence identical to a one in Ferguson. We perceived assurances that a training, a protocols were all in place to equivocate this kind of situation. We’re severely disappointed, really, in a care of a troops chief, given we simply do not know if he knows what goes on within his troops force.

AMY GOODMAN: You are a heading member of a community, a businessman, former military. Are we job for a troops arch to step down?

FELIX VARGAS: Not during this point. You know, there are things that have happened that caused us to trust that he’s not in control of his troops force. It’s beforehand to do that. we consider we need to let certain investigatory practices proceed. We would like to see active rendezvous by a Department of Justice in this regard. While a troops arch has, we think, some miss in credibility, we’re not prepared to call for his—for him to step down during this point. We might do so after on.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And we’re also assimilated by Jennifer Shaw, emissary executive of a American Civil Liberties Union of Washington state and a member of a Community Police Commission in Seattle. She wrote a minute propelling a Justice Department to launch an examination into a sharpened of Antonio Zambrano-Montes in Pasco, observant a internal troops examine was needlessly focusing on his activities before to a incident. Could you—Jennifer, could we promulgate your concerns for us?

JENNIFER SHAW: Well, sure, and appreciate we for reaching out to us. You know, we’re saying opposite a nation a genuine need for a enlightenment change within a troops departments. As Mr. Vargas points out, it is concerning to have troops questioning their own, and quite a thought of perplexing to find something wrong with a chairman that was shot as a justification for a shooting. We saw a same thing with Trayvon Martin. There was comments about he smoked pot. Other—you know, a comments about Michael Brown, that he had intent in other rapist activity, during a time when a officer wasn’t even wakeful of it. So it’s unequivocally not applicable what a plant of a sharpened was doing dual weeks ago, or dual weeks before to a shooting, and to have that be what appears to be a primary concentration is unequivocally concerning. It’s also concerning that a troops officers that were concerned in a sharpened have still not been interviewed by a investigators.

AMY GOODMAN: And so, what needs to occur right now, Jennifer Shaw?

JENNIFER SHAW: Well, certainly, there needs to be a full and just examination of this incident, though also there needs to be a examination of a stream policies and practices and training within a Pasco Police Department. What we’re saying in Washington, and unequivocally opposite a country, is that troops departments have been regulating old-fashioned use-of-force policies. Their training is unequivocally most some-more focused on how to use force, not how to equivocate regulating force. And so, tragically, we keep saying these kinds of incidents.

AMY GOODMAN: we wish to go behind to Sergeant Ken Lattin of a Kennewick County Police Department responding questions during Thursday’s news conference.

REPORTER: Have we interviewed a 3 officers?

SGT. KEN LATTIN: Good question. So as we’ve—that seems to be a large doubt any week. And we’ve got to have all a information before they lay down with those, so they’ve got to get those transcriptions done, so that a lead questioner that will lay down and speak with a officers has all a information. So, that—we’re not to that indicate yet. It’s still being set up.

REPORTER: So all a other witnesses that we wish to speak to would be interviewed first, all that element transcribed—

SGT. KEN LATTIN: Absolutely.

REPORTER: —and a 3 officers will be a final people we interview?


AMY GOODMAN: Jennifer Shaw, your criticism on this? The witnesses will be interviewed first, and afterwards a officers will be interviewed last.

JENNIFER SHAW: Well, when we consider of any other examination of a sharpened by an individual, of another individual, with witnesses around, suppose that a troops would wait 10 days, dual weeks, before interviewing a chairman who was doing a shooting. It seems unreasonable. It seems, actually, kind of dangerous, for open reserve purposes, to wait that prolonged for a witnesses—or, for a officers to lay down and kind of review by all and come adult with a story. we mean, a thought of an examination is to find out what happened from everybody that was involved. And it seems like these officers are being given special care given they’re troops officers.

AMY GOODMAN: Jennifer Shaw, we wish to appreciate we for fasten us from a Washington ACLU in Seattle, and, Felix Vargas, for fasten us from your home in Pasco, Washington, with Consejo Latino. This is Democracy Now!, democracynow.org, The War and Peace Report, as we pierce on to a final segment. Juan?

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