14-year-old child charged in father’s killing, propagandize shooting

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ANDERSON, S.C.  •   A 14-year-old South Carolina child was charged as a youthful Friday with murder and 3 depends of attempted murder after authorities contend he killed his father and non-stop glow on students during a propagandize playground, wounding 3 people.

The child did not uncover any tension as he walked into a courtroom wearing a yellow jumpsuit. He was unrestrained, not wearing shackles or leg shackles, as compulsory by state law in many youthful cases.

His lawyer, Frank Epps, remarkable that a teen has given a matter to law coercion and asked that investigators not doubt him again yet his counsel present. The decider concluded to that, and systematic a teen to be hold in jail.

The boy’s mom sat on a front quarrel during a brief conference and left a courtroom pathetic and disposition on another woman.

The Associated Press typically does not brand juveniles charged with crimes.

Authorities contend a teen shot his 47-year-old father Jeffrey Osborne during their home on Wednesday afternoon before pushing a pickup lorry 3 miles down a nation highway to Townville Elementary. The teen — who is not aged adequate to have a driver’s permit — had to make usually dual turns to arrive during a red section school, where he crashed a truck, got out and started banishment during recess.

Bullets struck dual students, critically injuring one of them, and a first-grade teacher. The building was immediately placed on tighten down.

Authorities have not expelled a ground for a murdering or a propagandize shooting. They have pronounced a child was being homeschooled, yet have not explained why.

Prosecutors haven’t given any denote about either they will ask to try a teen as an adult. When juveniles indicted of aroused crimes are 14 or 15, a prosecutor has 30 days to ask a family justice decider to try a teen as an adult. If denied, a prosecutor can interest to a circuit court, that can sequence a transfer. Sixteen-year-olds indicted of murder are automatically attempted as an adult in South Carolina.

Anderson 4 Superintendent Joanne Avery pronounced staff saved lives by exquisitely implementing active-shooter training drills conducted with students during Townville Elementary, many recently as final week.

A teacher, yet shot in a shoulder, “was with-it enough” to tighten a door, tighten it and block a students, Avery said.

“If he’d gotten in a school, it would’ve been a opposite scenario,” she said.

The shooter afterwards dismissed toward students on a stadium yet missed. A clergyman who listened a initial gunshot was means to get those students safely inside, Avery said.

Relatives of one of a wounded, 6-year-old Jacob Hall, pronounced he remained on life support in a hospital. His family expelled a matter late Thursday observant a child postulated a vital mind damage due to a volume of blood he mislaid after being shot in a leg.

His comparison brother, Gerald Gambrell, told The Greenville News (http://grnol.co/2dJQVut) that a family is “hoping for a miracle.”

A pointer outward a caf� conveyed a sentiments of an whole community: “Pray for Jacob. Pray for Townville.”

The shot clergyman and another tyro who was strike in a feet were treated and expelled from a hospital, officials said.

Classes are scheduled to resume during a propagandize Monday.


Associated Press writers Seanna Adcox, Jack Jones and Meg Kinnard contributed to this news from Columbia, South Carolina.

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