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By Jennifer Rubin

These are grave times for many Republicans. Their hopeful espouses many ideas discordant to long-held principles, and his evident reversal after a gathering to JFK conspiracy-mongering convinces some conservatives that he is usually plain nuts. (“Either [Donald] Trump believes Rafael Cruz was concerned [in a JFK assassination] or he’s creation a pragmatic indictment in a continued try to disprove Cruz’s son,” writes Stephen F. Hayes. “In possibly case, this isn’t a function of a rational, fast individual. It should confuse those who have permitted him and flaw those who have attempted to normalize him.”)

Nevertheless there are many china linings one can glance in a dim clouds hovering over a beleaguered GOP:

1) We now know that a Republicans who behind Donald Trump (and certainly know better) miss a right things to lead a party. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) insists that Trump will know Russia is not a crony when he gets briefings. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker argues Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) was wrong not to validate Trump. They competence as good say, “We know he’s unfit, though we put celebration faithfulness above regard for a country.” At slightest that would have a advantage of being candid.

2) Trump has helped bury happy rights and same-sex matrimony as crowd issues. His usually discuss of gays in his gathering discuss was in a certain context (we contingency urge a LGBT village opposite Islamist terrorists). Surely evangelicals who now support him can't design to keep that emanate alive, right? The nation has changed on, and so contingency a GOP or else it risks domestic irrelevance.

3) Speaking of devout conservatives, many have suggested themselves to be charlatans, peaceful to shill for someone embodying zero of their values or regard for their issues.  One commentator for a Religious News Service explains:

This approval should dispossess a eremite right of a halt over destiny possibilities and give possibilities space to provide them most like any other special interest. Republicans can collect and select a issues on that they wish to support evangelicals and where they cite not to. That allows a GOP to strew a picture of an intransigent, fanatic celebration and interest to a younger demographic (even immature conservatives) among whom acceptance of happy matrimony is widespread.

4) Democrats have now spin a anti-Russian, pro-internationalist party. In holding difference to Trump’s hatred to NATO and even a World Trade Organization, Democrats have a event to step behind from a McGovern-Obama inhabitant confidence approach. That, in turn, presents a event to forge extended bipartisan agreement on a operation of unfamiliar routine issues.

5) Republicans have figured out that Fox Non-News is flattering most what critics pronounced it is. Early morning and dusk hosts (as opposite to straight-news people such as James Rosen, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace) are no some-more than annoying shills for Trump, unmoored to any truth or principles. They simply wish to be buddies with a winner. As my co-worker Erik Wemple put it, Fox hosts “have enjoyed giveaway rein to contend flattering most whatever they want, contribution notwithstanding.” In short, some-more Republicans now comprehend a programming they’ve been gobbling adult is conjunction accurate nor understanding of loyal regressive goals. Liberated from a solid diet of junk news, conservatives might spin some-more clear-eyed about a universe and conservatism itself.

6) Talk radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham no longer get to explain a layer of “pure conservatives.” They have been confronting a plea of aging audiences and changing listening habits, though they are Trump cheerleaders and purveyors of his nativist outlook. They have each right to take whatever ideological position they please, though they don’t get to conclude this as “conservatism.” Perhaps lawmakers and other inaugurated officials will stop listening to them and start profitable some-more courtesy to constituents.

7) There is newfound intercourse among scrupulous conservatives, moderates and libertarians in their rejecting of Trumpism. They commend that specific differences on specific issues dark in comparison with some common values and insistence on impression as a requirement for Republican office-seekers. That extended agreement on character, singular supervision and mercantile conservatism — not to discuss rejecting of bigotry, misogyny and unhinged tongue — can be a basement for a post-Trump bloc on a right.

8) There is new appreciation that a Republican National Committee can't simply urge anyone with an “R” after his or her name. Reince Priebus’s rationalisation for Trump’s vast tongue and bully-boy strategy during a convention, as good as his rejection to set bounds on excusable control in a primary and his disaster to urge regressive principles, make him (despite financial success) a misfortune RNC authority in history, a chair who oversaw a antagonistic takeover of a once-great party. Now he says that a celebration contingency reject David Duke, who wants to run as a Republican. Why afterwards would Priebus hang by a claimant who wouldn’t countermand Duke until hounded to do so and whose anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic tongue is right adult Duke’s alley?

Priebus’s reign should be a doctrine to destiny celebration chairmen: Either stay out of steer and be a neutral functionary — or publicly urge regressive beliefs opposite snake-oil salesmen. Serious suspicion should go into remaking a primary rules, discuss criteria and height routine to keep a celebration from going off a rails once again.

9) Trump’s instance of over-the-top tongue and a politics of personal insults could prompt Republicans to reassess their tinge and rhetoric. Too many pundits, inaugurated officials and possibilities seem to consider that annoy and irritability are indicia of conservatism. Republicans should reject Trump’s moody from reason and civility. The celebration of Ronald Reagan now faces off opposite a sheet with Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), who embodies a suggestion of a happy soldier and projects a genial, kind demeanor. Republicans have a lummox and a bully. In a future, they should find someone Republicans are gentle vouchsafing their children watch on TV.

10) Maybe, finally, Republicans will comprehend that they can't win presidential elections by appealing usually to white voters. There is zero like losing a winnable choosing to remonstrate consultants and possibilities that a minority celebration can't tarry but removing a incomparable share of a fastest-growing segments of a electorate.

Jennifer Rubin writes a Right Turn blog for The Washington Post, charity reported opinion from a regressive perspective. Find her on Twitter at  @JRubinBlogger 

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