10 questions about a AirAsia Flight QZ8501 tragedy

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(CNN) — The find of waste from AirAsia Flight QZ8501 means investigators have taken a vast step toward responding a questions vivid a families of those aboard a cursed plane. What are a pivotal questions, and what competence come next?

What caused a craft to crash?

It’s a million-dollar question. And as yet, nobody knows. Ahead lies a presumably months-long review into what happened after a Airbus A320-200 mislaid strike with atmosphere trade control early Sunday.

Shortly beforehand, a commander requested accede to spin and stand to a aloft altitude since of bad weather, according to Indonesian officials.

Some experts have pronounced a aircraft competence have gifted an aerodynamic box since of a miss of speed or from drifting during too pointy an angle to get adequate lift.

Analysts have also pronounced that a pilots competence not have been removing information from onboard systems about a plane’s position or that sleet or accost from thunderstorms in a area could have shop-worn a engines.

The pivotal to bargain what happened is expected to be contained in a aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder and moody information recorder, ordinarily famous as black boxes.

“Until we get a black boxes, we won’t know what’s going on with a engines,” Bill Savage, a former commander with 30 years of experience, told CNN.

How will hunt crews retrieve bodies?

The liberation of a pile-up victims is a initial priority for those concerned in a operation.

The physique of one lady has been retrieved, Indonesian navy central Manahan Simorangkir told CNN on Tuesday. But vast waves have prevented crews from removing to a second body, he said.

Helicopters can reduce divers to assistance redeem bodies and waste from a aspect of a water. Surface vessels might also play a role, as might submersibles if bodies are trapped in disadvantage subsequent a surface.

There are some victims who will be on a aspect of a H2O and others trapped in a disadvantage during a bottom of a Java Sea, about 140 feet (43 meters) down, pronounced Peter Goelz, a former handling executive of a U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.

It will be a plea for divers to strech bodies since that abyss is as distant as a diver can descend, he said. The divers will substantially have to use liberation chambers — systems to assistance their bodies acclimate and continue. “It will take time,” Goelz said. “You have to find a waste field, and that will take a week or 10 days.”

How will they be identified?

Hospitals in a Indonesian city of Surabaya are being prepared to assistance residence and brand bodies recovered off a seashore of Borneo.

To assistance them, sad kin have already been asked to move along photographs of their desired ones and to yield DNA samples.

But anticipating and identifying a bodies of all 162 people on house is a vast task. And not all those aboard might be found.

A recovered physique wasn’t wearing a life jacket. What could that indicate?

Goelz pronounced that could meant that whatever happened to a plane, it happened quickly. It’s probable that passengers didn’t have time to act, pronounced Mary Schiavo, a counsel and former examiner ubiquitous of a U.S. Department of Transportation.

Could any of a passengers have survived?

There has been no pointer of survivors.

But there have been atmosphere crashes in a past where there has been a solitary survivor, pronounced Deborah Hersman, boss of a National Safety Council and former president of a U.S. National Transportation Safety Board. Finding anyone alive would be an impossibly doubtful scenario, she said.

A trailblazer pronounced he could see a shade of a craft by a water. If that’s true, what then?

If that explain if true, searchers will go to a tail of a craft to redeem a moody information recorder, Schiavo said.

With a assistance of sonar, it shouldn’t take prolonged to redeem recorders that enclose an comment of what happened on a plane, pronounced Tim Taylor, a diver with 30 years of knowledge and an consultant on submersible techniques and tools.

The plane’s pingers, or underwater locator beacons, are still going off, Taylor said, so that should assistance speed adult liberation of a recorder.

How will they find and collect a wreckage?

The waste was found in a Karimata Strait, about 110 nautical miles southwest of a Indonesian city of Pangkalan Bun, AirAsia said. That’s only 6 miles from a plane’s final famous prove of contact.

Divers and ships with sonar apparatus are being sent to a site, where a H2O abyss varies between 25 and 30 meters (about 80 to 100 feet), pronounced Bambang Sulistyo, conduct of Indonesia’s hunt and rescue agency.

As was a box in a hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a towed pinger locator could be used to pinpoint a moody information recorders.

Schiavo pronounced a vicinity of a disadvantage to a final famous radar prove suggested that there was not an inflight dissection and that a craft might have strike a H2O intact.

The shoal abyss of a H2O also means that complicated pieces of disadvantage are not expected to have drifted really distant before reaching a bottom.

Any vast pieces of a craft will be brought adult so that they can be reconstructed as partial of a pile-up investigation.

But first, a site contingency be mapped since a plcae of a detached pieces is an critical partial of reckoning out what happened, Taylor said.

What does a waste found so distant indicate?

The steer of an puncture exit doorway floating giveaway on a water, as good as some life jackets, might lift questions about either a organisation had time to muster reserve apparatus before a craft strike a water. But Schiavo pronounced she has seen other pile-up sites where a puncture exit doorway or chutes had popped out though being deliberately deployed.

“In many cases, those things only come detached as a collision aircraft breaks detached in a H2O — though we positively need to know that,” she said.

When found, a cockpit voice recorder will substantially assistance establish either orders were given to ready for a ditching in water.

What’s subsequent for a kin of a victims?

The families of those on house got a news they were dreading Tuesday with acknowledgment that a disadvantage of a craft had been found.

Some fainted as they live watched a news discussion about a find of a waste and saw video of a helicopter obscure a diver to what seemed to be a floating body. Others detonate into tears.

The pivotal component is to keep a kin sensitive while a review continues, pronounced Hersman.

“It’s about creation a decisions to share a information with a family,” she said. Those in assign also need to say credit by creation certain they have a contribution scold and share them in a timely manner, she said.

It’s also critical to strengthen families amid a media frenzy, she said, quite when pathetic scenes are promote — for example, of bodies being brought up.

Hersman also forked to a impact of a news of a AirAsia pile-up on a kin of those mislaid in other atmosphere disasters, such as a puzzling disappearance of Flight 370 in March. The hunt for that craft continues, 10 months later.

“The miss of ability to tighten things down emotionally is only exhausting,” Sarah Bajc told CNN on Monday night. Her partner, Philip Woods, was on house MH370.

When news pennyless that another craft had left this week, Bajc said, “I only started to shake.”

Flight 8501 took off dual hours forward of schedule. Is that something investigators will consider?

Schiavo pronounced they will take that into account. A craft withdrawal before a scheduled depart time is unheard of in a United States, though that doesn’t meant it isn’t common use in other countries, she noted.

“The doubt we would have is why,” she said. “Were they perplexing to kick a weather?”

CNN’s Will Ripley contributed to this report.

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