10 slightest costly states to live in a US

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How critical is your plcae to you? When acid for a place to live, generally any chairman (or family) has something during a really tip of their priorities list, that is a singular many critical cause for them in selecting a home. For many people, this cause is location.

Golan’s Moving and Storage reports that around 43 million Americans pierce any year — around 60% of people pierce for work, military, or government, and another 40% pierce for personal reasons. For those who have a choice to select their plcae — they’re unattached, they’re retired, or maybe they work from home — vital costs might play a vast purpose in where they confirm to relocate.

It’s flattering extraordinary to see how a two-bedroom, two-bathroom 1,500 block feet residence on a still travel can cost $100,000 in one city, and thereafter a accurate same residence (same size, specs, and amenities) in another city and state might cost upwards of $500,000. In a past on Zillow, there’s been a inventory for a three-bedroom, dual and a half-bathroom, 1,500 block feet home in Johnson City, Tenn. This home is labelled during $126,000. A townhouse with identical specifications in San Diego is labelled during $499,000.

The difference? Location, location, location.

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If you’re looking for a low-cost place to live with cheaper housing, groceries, and utilities, reviewing a cheapest states is a good place to start. This list of a cheapest states uses information from a Missouri Economic Research and Information Center and other resources. Each state is ranked by a cost of vital index, as of a initial entertain of 2014.

10. Arkansas

Cost of Living Index: 92.5
Grocery Index: 94.0
Housing Index: 83.6
Transportation Index: 88.8
Utilities Index: 97.3
Health Index: 90.0
Misc: 99.3

According to Zillow, a median home value in Arkansas is $110,800 — around $65,000 reduction than a inhabitant index. Keep in mind that nonetheless a median value is around $111,000, a median list and sale prices for homes are $143,000 and $149,810, respectively. You’re some-more than expected going to compensate closer to list or sale prices. Property taxes are reasonable in Arkansas, though, with a median taxation rate now during 0.52%. If we were to lease a place in Arkansas, you’d be looking during a median lease cost of $850.

Groceries, transportation, utilities, and even medical are a bit cheaper in this state, as well. If we live in a tiny unit in Little Rock, you’re looking during a cost of around $135 for your utilities (electric, water, and rabble service). You can go to a cinema for reduction than $9 per person, and if we wish to go out to a mid-range grill afterwards, you’re substantially going to compensate around $30 for we and a guest.

9. Iowa

Cost of Living Index: 92.5
Grocery Index: 93.3
Housing Index: 88.5
Transportation Index: 94.0
Utilities Index: 91.4
Health Index: 96.7
Misc: 94.3

Iowa is neck and neck with Arkansas in terms of altogether cost of living. Housing is a bit some-more costly in Iowa, however, with a median home value during usually underneath $130,000. If we buy a home during a median list price, you’re going to compensate around $140,000, that generally formula in a debt remuneration of no some-more than $900 per month. At a 1.29% median rate, Iowa’s skill taxes are in a mid-range.

Your bills should sojourn flattering low in many areas of Iowa, as well. According to Numbeo, utilities for a tiny unit (water, rabble service, and electric) in Des Moines should usually cost around $110. Dinner and a film will substantially be around $50 for we and a guest.

8. Alabama

Cost of Living Index: 92.4
Grocery Index: 99.6
Housing Index: 78.8
Transportation Index: 93.6
Utilities Index: 102.7
Health Index: 88.4
Misc: 97.1

In Alabama, you’re looking during home values of around $123,000. As of late, homes are offered for around $158,000. In some areas, like a Mobile civil area, we can buy residential genuine estate for underneath $100,000 and also reap a advantages of Alabama’s low median skill taxation rate of 0.33%. You can lease for flattering inexpensive as good — a median lease opposite a state is usually $850.

According to Numbeo, we can buy a dish during an inexpensive grill in Birmingham for around $11, and utilities for a tiny unit in that area (electricity, water, rabble service) should cost around $190. If we and a crony go out to cooking and a movie, you’re substantially going to compensate around $60.

7. Nebraska

Cost of Living Index: 91.7
Grocery Index: 95.2
Housing Index: 81.2
Transportation Index: 95.8
Utilities Index: 97.4
Health Index: 98.8
Misc: 94.2

Inexpensive housing and reduce diverse costs make Nebraska an affordable state to live in. You can lease a home for a median cost of $900 per month and if we confirm to buy, median home values are around $132,000 and offered prices are underneath $150K, according to Zillow estimates. Property taxes in this area can be high, though, with a median rate during 1.76%.

You might be means to locate a mangle on costs like gym memberships, film and museum tickets, and wardrobe in some areas of a Cornhusker state. That cooking and a film we’ve been articulate about — it’ll cost we around 50 bucks or so in Omaha.

6. Kansas

Cost of Living Index: 91.3
Grocery Index: 91.2
Housing Index: 83.3
Transportation Index: 93.9
Utilities Index: 95.3
Health Index: 95.6
Misc: 94.7

Items like divert or bread might be a bit cheaper in many tools of Kansas, as a outcome of reduce food costs. Numbeo estimates a cost of a dozen eggs during around $1.35 in a Topeka area, that is reduction than in many other areas of a country.

Housing in a Sunflower state is generally inexpensive, with median values sitting during around $115,000 and list prices during around $145,000. In some areas of Kansas — again, such as a Topeka metro area — we might usually find a home for underneath $100,000. Property taxes, however, can be a bit on a aloft end, with a median rate during 1.29%.

5. Indiana

Cost of Living Index: 90.7
Grocery Index: 92.5
Housing Index: 79.6
Transportation Index: 98.9
Utilities Index: 93.4
Health Index: 95.7
Misc: 94.1

Zillow reports median home values in Indiana during around $110,000, that is usually around two-thirds of a inhabitant median home value. List prices are closer to a $140,000 cost indicate and skill taxes are right in a midst range, with a median rate of 0.85%. You can lease a home in a Hoosier state for a a median cost of $825.

Lower prices on grocery and utilities in some areas of Indiana also concede for a reduce altogether cost of living. In Indianapolis, utilities in a tiny unit will substantially run we about $155, and for cooking and a film for we and a crony (or a date), we might compensate a tiny over $60.

4. Oklahoma

Cost of Living Index: 90.4
Grocery Index: 92.4
Housing Index: 79.8
Transportation Index: 93.5
Utilities Index: 92.2
Health Index: 96.5
Misc: 95.2

In a Sooner state, we can lease a home for a median cost of $950. Although lease is a bit higher, median home values seem many some-more affordable, with values of usually underneath $109,000 and list prices of around $145,000 to $150,000. Property taxes are also on a reduce end, wit a median rate of 0.74%.

According to Numbeo, cooking and a film for dual in Oklahoma City should cost $60, and utilities in a tiny unit should be around $142. Other party expenses, like gym memberships and museum tickets, are a bit reduce in many of a OK metros, as well.

3. Kentucky

Cost of Living Index: 90.0
Grocery Index: 91.2
Housing Index: 77.3
Transportation Index: 96.5
Utilities Index: 98.4
Health Index: 91.1
Misc: 94.4

Across a board, Kentucky’s vital costs are reduce than a U.S. average. In several areas of a Bluegrass state, like certain tools of Louisville for instance, we can find areas where there are sincerely labelled groceries and utilities.Numbeo estimates a normal cost of utilities for a tiny unit in Louisville during reduction than $140, and a normal cost for a dish during an inexpensive grill during usually around $8.

To lease a home, you’re looking during a statewide median cost of $850 and for those looking to buy, median home values now lay during around $126,500 and list prices, during around $150,000. In further to well-priced housing, we can also advantage from Kentucky’s reduce median skill taxation rate of 0.72%.

2. Tennessee

Cost of Living Index: 89.7
Grocery Index: 93.5
Housing Index: 77.2
Transportation Index: 93.5
Utilities Index: 91.1
Health Index: 89.7
Misc: 96.0

In Tennessee, we can find some of a many inexpensive housing in a U.S. Although a median home value in Tennessee is a tiny over $120,000, in some areas like Union City and Humboldt, we can simply find a nice, singular family home for around $60,000. Property taxes are also low, with a median rate during 0.68%.

Current Zillow listings in a Knoxville area for tiny 1,000 feet isolated homes with 3 bedrooms and one or dual bathrooms are labelled in a $20,000 to $50,000 range. For someone who works from home or is retired, and is seeking a reduce cost life style, Tennessee is positively an choice value checking out.

1. Mississippi

Cost of Living Index: 87.8
Grocery Index: 90.1
Housing Index: 72.4
Transportation Index: 95.4
Utilities Index: 86.6
Health Index: 91.3
Misc: 95.9

In Mississippi, you’re looking during a lease remuneration of around $875 (if we compensate a state median). If we were to buy a home, low skill taxes and lower-cost housing make Mississippi an affordable option. Zillow reports median home values are usually over $112,000 and median list prices are now $155,000. The median skill taxation rate is usually 0.52%.

In further to affordable housing, we can also find lower-priced food, healthcare, and utilities in a Magnolia state. In Jackson, utilities in a tiny place can be purchased for around $175 per month, and we and a guest can go out for a night for cooking and a film for around $60.

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